Think more; talk less

Never exaggerate

Keep calm, never overreact

Take courage to say no

Do what you like

Not on obligation or politeness

Know how to break the law

Defend you when you’re right

Know how others avoid mistakes

Detect those who give alertness

Ignore hope but strive for surety

Don’t be too lax for yourselves

Find good passion

Not to easily speak out

Be different day by day

Understand you first

Then master yourselves

Abandon things before

They abandon you

Get used to bad temperaments

The greater familiarity

The lower esteem

Get involved in others

Not to be preyed on

Don’t let anyone

Play emotional games on you

Know how to say the same thing

In different ways

Set strong rules

To detect the manipulative persons

Selfish, unconcerned on others

Lying, being too eager

Playing drama and victims

Having no nice words on others

Like moving people around

Master at making brilliant first impressions

Ready to steal your ideas

Pretending to be considerate and helpful

Never say sorry for bad behavior

Liking to do volatile business

Media, finance, diplomacy, military


  1. Intemperate, intolerant, incomplete, inconvenient, incompliant, inconsiderate, inequitable, inexcusable, insecure, indecisive, inexact, indeterminate, indefinite, incalculable, innumerable, infinite, inestimable, invaluable, inconsequential, insignificant, inappropriate, indecorous, incongruous, inapt, incompatible, insensitive, insensible, insensate, inattentive, innocent, ingenuous, intact, insincere, inoffensive, incommodious, incredulous, indifferent, indecorous, indecent, indelicate, inhuman, inflexible, insurmountable, intractable, insoluble, insuperable, insubordinate, inexhaustible, indomitable, invincible, indestructible, incontrovertible, incontestable, indubitable, inert, ingenuous, innocent, inconspicuous,
  1. Immoderate, immodest, immoral, imprecise, immeasurable, immaterial, improper, immaculate, impeccable, impertinent, imbecile, immiscible, immovable, impossible, immeasurable, impregnable, imperfect
  1. Irreducible, irresolute, irrelevant, irreproachable, irreprehensible, irreverent, irrefutable, irrevocable, irrational, irresistable, irrepressible
  1. Undeducible, unbalanced, unequal, unjust, unjustifiable, undemocratic, unfair, unreasonable, unmerited, unscrupulous, untenable, unsound, unstable, unsafe, unsteady, unsure, uncertain, undecided, unfixed, unclassified, unknown, unrelated undetermined, unimportant, unfortunate, unseemly, unbecoming, unsuitable, unbefitting, unkind, uncaring, unsympathetic, unmindful, unaware, uninformed, unacquainted, unflawed, unimpeachable, untarnished, unblemished, unspoiled, uncorrupted, unaffected, unpolluted, undamaged, undiluted, untainted, unsullied, unfounded, unlikable, unpleasant, uncivil, undignified, unkind, unbiased, unbendable, unwavering, unyielding, uncompromising, unruly, uncontrollable, undefeatable, unbeatable, unassailable, unquestionable
  1. Dishonest, dissolute, distracted, disarrayed, disbanded, disemboweled, disenchanted, disfigured, disgraced, disgruntled, disheartened, disintegrated, dislocated, disfavored, dismantled, disordered, disobeyed, disowned, disqualified, disquieted, dissociated, distressed, discouraged, discredited, disagreeable, displeasing, distasteful, discourteous, disrespectful, disobedient, disorderly, dispirited, disconcerted, dispassionate
  1. Deformed, defaced, depressed, demoralized, despoiled, defiled, deflated, dejected, degraded, defamed, debased, demeaned



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