As requested by one reader in the Europe on the question that Judas and Judaism have anything to do with each other or not, I’ve until now got no final answer. Otherwise, it’s clear to define that Judaism is the region of the Jew as described on the internet. Some books have made some deeper insights into this secret but not reached to its truth. Briefly, it’s explained that Judaism is based on their Talmud as the bible and originated from just conversion in faith into its canon to be called a Judaism believer despite any nativity or racial bloodline.


The kiss of Judas

Judas Iscariot

The Son of Simon

The disciple who betrayed Jesus

Just a gesture of friendship

An act of betrayal does come

The recipient of this kiss

Becomes the most hurtful

Anyone who disguises friendship

Not to tell the truth

As mendacity

To be a willful liar

As perjury

To be a clever liar

As Machiavellian

Not to be loyal to a country

As treason

Stabbing you in the back

As disloyalty

Cheating on a spouse

As infidelity

Cheating on a friend

As treachery

In thought or in deeds

False to their allegiance

As perfidy

In politics or finance

Deception by artful subterfuge

As chicanery

By using dishonorable proceedings

In skulduggery

By maneuvering secret activity

In shenanigans

Even taking casual romance

In dalliance

Or liking illicit sexual activity

In hanky panky

Having more than one allegation

In duplicity

They look nice as knave

Or jack in cards

As rascal, rogue or scoundrel

In life but with a real body

Of a beast-four-footed one

Born from parents not married

To each other to be a bastard

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