THE WORLD WATER DAY BY LA VIE GLOBALLY/Which group can be a phrase, collocation or idiom?

The bottled water consumption per year per inhabitants varies globally from one country to another. The average global consumption is 39 liters per capita per year. In 1968 Vittel introduced the PVC Plastic containers, which revolutionized the market for bottled water. In the early 90’s, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate, was introduced.PET is totally safe, approved by regulations and stronger than PVC.PET is fully recyclable and can be reused. Nestlé Waters is today World leader with a 11.7 % market share.

Our planet is covered by water which is more than ¾ areas but only 1% of them are usable. It is forecasted that in 2025, two-third of world population will have to live under the condition of seriously lacking water.

Understanding this, the United Nations has chosen Mar 22nd to become World Water Day as remind people how important water in our life is and know how to protect them

On the occasion of “World Water Day 2015″ La Vie had organized extracurricular activities for primary students to educate them about the importance of water sources and how to protect them. Through realistic and meaningful activities like: Q&A, water education games…kids had simply learned to protect water in daily activities  like : close water tap while brushing teeth, washing hands; not to throw trash in nearby areas of river, lake or beach…After that, kid were awarded certification to participate this global event.

2015 is the 6th year in a row that Nestle Waters has conducted WWD globally, attracting more than 10.000 kids, 700 staff in 34 countries around the world, including Vietnam. In our country, the show attracted more than 7.200 kids and 200 teachers in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh. Especially, this was the first time that La Vie also organized activities for 200 staff and 50 representatives in Hung Yen & Long An factories.


Which group can be a phrase, collocation or idiom?

The kid plays in the water. He likes cold water and sometimes gets used to bathing on a beach with his parents. He recognizes salty water different from the salted water in which his mom has cooked pasta. One time he asked her mom about the road rainy water  whether it could have been potable as drinking tap water at home. He’s really concerned on water quality with a certain question as he walked by a pond of stagnant water. Even though he had seen an abandonned tree lying under the water of this pond, he thought it clean and unpolluted. He used to make his mom look like a fish out of water in some questions. He’s supposed to be in hot water but she loves him a lot. No matter what he asked could hold water; his mom has still listened to questions. She frequently said that come on it, the water’s fine!


A kid is denoted in naivity. It’s good to mean the image of trying to take steps in walking with a tot. A toddler says about the one being raised in wandering in walking. A child means the newborn while infant wants to denote the one needing preschool care. Baby says about the little one in beloved care. When a baby grows higher, he or she becomes a youngster. This one is of young age and means a youth when having formative years to create personality. During early life he or she is naturally developing in either mind or spirit; so an adolescent has immature growth in body or intelligence. It’s during this early stage they can violate social law as a juvenile. Businessmen are really finding out to exploit not a small number of customers called teenagers.

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