Grueling days at sea

Taking a trek of life and death

Sailing for a real future

No food no water

Cramped in a too small space

Fraught with hardship and danger

During 1978-1981

Over one million VIETNAMESE

Escaped by way of sea

Typhoon could sink us

But pirates, robbed, raped and murdered

An old man’s gold teeth

Ripped out of the mouth with pliers

A woman’s baby was thrown into the sea

A girl taken on board a fishing boat

Repeatedly raped and thrown overboard

Women and children transferred to the boats

One by one staying back

Clubbed to death and the boat rammed to sink

A myriad of extreme cruelties and brutalities

Proving the absence of culture and humanity

On Earth TODAY

Just in the November of 1983

The nearly 500 women

Officially reported to be kidnapped

In arriving in Thailand

Impossible past to forget

Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines

Hong Kong, and Indonesia

For thousands even more

Ended their journeys in death

Their bodies scattered on the sea floor

In the vast expanses of South Pacific

For ten years of tireless work

In Westminster California

A memorial to the BOAT PEOPLE

With 54 blocks of stone engraved

With the names of over 6000 deceased people

Having no solid ground to rest

The first until now

To commemorate their lives

The souls dot the coasts of all oceans

The grandest of all the sepulchers

Mortal in the minds of men

Eternally leading to the truth

By a group a secret plan

Conspired to commit

A crime against humanity

In subterfuge of every word

Heard in the news



In giving a long, loud and piercing cry you can can express excitement, pain or great emotion. The best used verb is scream for man and screech for animal. In terror its synonym is shriek. For example, some specific collocations should learned by heart as shrieks of fright, screams of pain, screeches of torture. This sound turns out a noise of high pitch and the verb squeal as the kids are squealing with delight. The noise could be unrestrained and the replaced verb is bawl and often used in case of weeping noisily. Such a noise can be also seen in a baby for instance in a crib and its best synonym is squall. This verb has its exciting synonym “blubber” to denote squalling with pouted lips.

This noise goes discordant and the verb in case is squawk as the kids are squawking him for candies due to a broken promise. In agony the appropriate term holler as he howled in agony, witnessing his betrayal to their clan plot. But, he could holler in deep cry and the verb in replacement is bellow. This type of emotion could be taking place in an interrupted way and the best used verb is hoot.

In grief it is wail as she ran off wailing after failure. In sorrow the verb can be howl as he howled after knowing nothing possibly done in such a situation. In alarming its synonym is yelp as she yelped in getting in in hurry. In surprise we can use yell as you could hear me yelling at him. In great joy the verb “whoop” is more often used for its concise meaning as they were at once running into whooping with laughter. Another looks so delicate in usage is yammer to denote a sustained or repetitive noise as they were yammering about censorship when reading the news.














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