China is known to be the monopoly on giant pandas. One giant panda has been hired at one US$1 mn per year to the world famous zoo. Its contract can last in ten years and be renewed at the end of the term. This hired panda can be breeding and with one new cub the zoo has to pay US$ 600,000. If one panda dies from any human error, the zoo can be fined at US$ 500,000.

In China an army of hackers were employed by the government to carry our nefarious cyber missions. They have been detected in taking names, emails and phones of all of the UPS customers. They have attacked Google’s network and got access to the flight codes of the NASA. The U.S senate has confirmed they had  attacked the America’s most powerful weapons and military equipment producers. No country has possessed such a giant army of government employees! In 1984 China has endorsed the law legalizing organ removal from executed prisoners in defiance of either consent or protest. Since then China has executed around four times more prisoners than the rest of the world combined. Until 2009 about 65 % transplanted organs in China originally has come from executed inmates. Four years ago Chinese government lowered execution rates and it began facing a shortage of organs again.

There is weird army in China, called the 50 Cent Army paid to post favorable comments on the government issues. They are told which issues and contents to comment. Each comment is paid 50 cents! A hoard of film judges are employed to bring the internet back to the so-called clean and safe state. They have to watch 700 videos from beginning to end each week to determine whether they should be censored. Beside this army there has been about over 3,000 volunteer judges with the Beijing Internet Association fulfilling this mission for the government.

About 100,000 prisoners are put to work on video games. They perform monotonous tasks in the game; buy virtual currency; then their credits will be turned over to prison guards to sell for real money. Some of them have been paid about US$ 600 per day. If they don’t meet their virualo quota, they will be subject to harsh physical punishments. According to the BBC fake protesters were secretly hired to pack the street. They were recruited from the poorest places at US$ 100 per day. Most of them filled up the buses to show up on the scene as the real protesters.

China is the largest employer of internet police. It is estimated at about 2 millions policing the usage of every citizen. They seek for unfavorable content or criticism discerning the public. They have helped prevent any uprising or incident virually held or discussed to go against the government policy.


Understand each synonym concisely!


–          causing a disorder in mind

–          causing a lack of common sense

–          causing an unbalance in mind

–          causing unstability

–          causing slightly strange

–          causing fear

–          causing comical behavior

–          causing difference from others

–          causing mystery

–          causing absurdity

–          causing silly choices

–          causing unreliability

–          causing silly harm

–          causing extreme craziness

–          causing scaringly strange

–          causing plain oddity

–          causing peculiar trait

Answer each question correctly!

  1. He took a ________smile from shyness.
  2. _________ tunes made her voice exclusive.
  3. Nobody could see the ___________ crawlers on the tree.
  4. These furniture have the ________shape and color.
  5. ________ men can’t make sensible question.
  6. Children often do _________jokes.
  7. He tried to do something _________to show love to her.
  8. ___________ professors often appear in strange courses.
  9. The leader suggested __________ways in taxation.
  10. Sitting here made me feel ______________ as watched by someone.
  11. Her fame made her have __________ ideas.
  12. Do you see this ___________ room so dirty!
  13. How could we understand such ___________foreign films!
  14. Actresses get used to taking ____________ acts in public.
  15. The photo of his ___________ laugh was kept back as a memorial.
  16. Only his wife could understand his ___________decision.

ANSWERS: 1. batty 2. loony 3. creepy 4. zany 5. crazy 6. silly 7. dippy 8. nutty 9. flaky 10. uncanny 11. screwy 12. dingy 13. kooky 14. quirky 15. goofy 16. balmy


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