Human society has witnessed so many weird lifestyles. It’s called weird because of the unconventional appearance. This abnormality was used to introduce the latest threat to society. As in the 1960’s the term “hippie” was so popular to determine those who are of subculture with long hair or beard. But, its secret is officially bringing out the place for drug use in society. Those who are hippies easily got used to using halluciogenic drugs. Another secret was that this illicit industry had to be operated by a group of manipulative mobsters such as the Brooklyn-based hasidic Jewish in America.


These mafia-maneuvered puppets were used to protest the Vietnam War. This war was initiated in a fraud as declassified by the Pentagon and has been put into effect for the sake of the world largest drug deal as it was signified with the drug lord’s meeting in Saigon at the Caravelle hotel in 1968. These hippies were also called “flower child” because they wore flowers as symbol of peace and love. The war maker was also its peacemaker in the dark for its scenario by the outside!

This movement has superficially attracted the so-called artists of higher culture into the war game. The term “Bohemian” was used to denote those who have informal and unconventional social habits. Its synonym in this context can be “nonconformist” not following the prevailing practices in society. Otherwise, mass media is the most efficient tool in mastering the people’s mind into a specific acceptance of reality. There were consequently many other synonyms such as “dissenter, rebel, renegade, heretic, maverick, schismatic” especially “freethinker, liberal, or Bohemian” to propagandize the concept of a free society. In fact it was the play of words on the front for its behind-the-scene playwright.

In the contemporary English the term “hipster” says much truth about the art of mind control. First, the tern “gentrification” was coined to mean the increased material values in urban neighbors. Its hidden implication was the displaced low-income families and small businesses. This word has been particularly prominent during the 2010’s. These persons look pretentious and overtly trendy. This word came from the Brooklyn-based hasidic Jewish area called Williamsburg. It was promoted in the propaganda through the “The Hipster Handbook”. Hipsters were described as young people with mop-top haircuts, swinging retro pocketbooks, talking on cell phones, smoking European cigarettes, strutting in platform shoes etc.


Hipster is now going for baggy clothes, tight jeans, big sunglasses, especially fixed gear bikes or fixies! That is the bike which has a power-transmitting system not based on freewheel mechanism. The freewheel was invented for racing design. They also show off with veganism, specialty coffee, taxidermy or pet skin display, fedoras or a felt hat with a wide brim and indented crown.


The real world can make people change their mind on the better way or it’s plain for them to seek the truth; so a substance can be processed in the lab to be used in causing people to see and sense in the different way-that’s why hallucinogen has come into being. Therefore, since 1954 lots of mind-affecting drugs were first used for medication. These psychoactive drugs degrade people’s mind into low mental state. They are farther going astray from reality. These drug become the psychotropic tools to control people’s mind. They lose the ability to interpret things through their sense or got used to perceptual anomalies. When people fall under this status, there are altering their states of mind or living under distorted perceptions. They are now called psychedelics! But on the market these drugs are promoted as stimulants. The drugs that can raise activity, interest and enthusiasm. Tonic is used to give a feeling of vigor. Restorative is for restoring health. Pick-me-up is used for making more energetic. Bracer is used to prepare for something dangerous. Analeptic is for invigorating nervous system. Pep pill is cleverly concealed in a varieties of drinks.





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