A weird Japan is cloaked underneath the thin veneer of innocence, cuteness and untouched beauty. The growing number of singles, and declining demographics in the country have led to a growing industry, where any individual can replace their needs for attention both physically and psychologically. In Japanese JK stands for “joshi-kosei”-that means “high school female student” but in reality it’s a cutesy culture in which adult males pay for the company of girls as young as 16. The JK industry and culture began to flourish some 20 years ago as simple services in which high school aged girls would provide entertainment and company for any willing buyer. But, until now it has flourished with a plethora of options for men.

All are dressed in their actual high school uniforms. These shool girls can earn about $8 an hour. Their work is socializing and serving food or drinking to those who are in 30s, 40s or 50s. Cute girls give out leaflets inviting a “JK walk” but it is a type of walking date and leads to a love hotel. Posters appear on the streets, promoting “cafes and JK”. Inside these place the seedier side of such a cutesy culture has been unveiled in daylight.

It hasn’t involved walking, chatting, guide touring, forune telling or massage but turned out to meet escalated demand from the lonely old guys. Most of them work in Akihabara in Tokyo. The area is also known as the center of otaku or geek culture with myriads of cafes and electronic shops. Many of them are shadowy outlets that advertise to  sugar daddies online. In some cafes they are prohibited to date or make contact with customers outside the business. The girls get 60 percent of the money paid by the sugar daddy and the rest is going to a JK strolls outlet. The JK sagyosho or “workshops” cafes at times were packed with as many as 30 girls between the ages of 16 and 18. The men sat in small, screened off rooms, so they could not see each other. The girls were separated from their customers by a one-way mirror, so no actual physical contact took place. It has been reported, however, that customers could pay a premium to set the mirror aside and briefly touch the girls’ legs. At JK refure  or “reflexology”, where high school girls massage customers over their clothes. At JK satsueikai customers can get photo taken with a high school girl in a uniform, bathing suit or something else. A massage parlor provided typical ear cleaning and shoulder massage services, but also provided a secondary menu with illicit options and more than 95 percent of customers chose the latter menu.

Sophisticated and organized prostitution networks are detected to target vulnerable Japanese women and girls. Japanese governments are alleged to keep silent as a way to facilitate the huge business of Japanese children prostitution.  Police crackdown seems to show that the authority hasn’t got a genuine desire to eradicate this stigma and make it darker in troubling ways. There are no government statistics on the girls that are employed in the JK business, but it’s estimated that there are 5,000 in Tokyo alone. In 2014, 84 girls who were victims of human trafficking were rescued; 58 who were employed by JK businesses and 23 who were involved in prostitution. Most of these girls are easy prey for the pimps. Some have mental disabilities, others have issues involving low self-esteem, others are self-abusing or have attempted suicide. Around one-third are simply from very poor homes and want to take a part-time JK job just to buy their school lunch. Some come from broken homes or have been abused. Even more of a fraudster’s threat, the one-third who come from apparently good homes but are tricked into the business by replying to job offers on social media sites that sound completely legitimate. School girls are currently for sale not due to a woman hatred society but international crime networks smartly shrouded for the sake of a solution to the problematic aging in human workforce in this country.


  1. Take the pot luck/take a chance to get great beneficial outcome. It’s a pot luck for him to decide to move out to a new place.
  2. Have the devil’s own luck/be very lucky. A job recently found and a new flat just bought really let him have the devil’s own luck.
  3. Lady luck/the person of luck. To the last second has he tried but lady luck didn’t favor him.
  4. Hard-luck story/misfortune told to gain sympathy. His hard-luck story provokes that man’s charity for a tiny sum.
  5.  More by luck than judgement/by chance not thanks to skill. The team scored by luck than judgement.
  6. Stroke of luck/a lucky happening. She had a stroke of luck when meeting me on the phone.
  7. Streak of bad luck/a series of misfortune. No one hoped him have such a streak of luck in business.
  8. The luck of the draw/relying on chance. It’s the luck of the draw that you recruit some good personnel for the project.
  9. Have one’s luck run out/meet luck at last. She had her luck run out once he appeared to help her out in this failure.
  10. Be in luck/lucky to complete. We were in luck as they lent us a big sum to pay up the debt.
  11. Luck of the devil/extraordinary luck. He fell down but on grass not cement basement and it’s luck of the devil coming across for survival.
  12. Out of luck/meeting bad fortune. It’s too late to get a seat and out of luck was he ushered to the aisle of stand-by audience.
  13. No such luck/really disappointed. No such luck!The retaurant can’t have the menu as planned for those fastidious guests.
  14. As luck may have it/great coincidence. As luck may have it, the weather is so good for the outdoors party.
  15. Tough luck/ really bad. Everybody thinks him have a tough luck in the test but he won at last.
  16. Well-off/favorable in good position. She comes from a well-off family
  17. Well-heeled/well provided with money. This lifestyle is cared for the well-heeled residents.
  18. Well-to-do/financially adequate. Well-to-do family doesn’t live in one house.
  19. Born with a silver spoon/inheriting a lot of wealth. High social position came to him after this marriage and he is born with a silver spoon.
  20. Rolling in it/extremely rich. He’s rolling in it with this contract when having no rival on the market.
  21. On a roll/having a spell of good luck. Three years ago has  put him on a roll with higher turnovers.
  22. In the money/ profitable. His company is in the money and has passed over the murky phase. (On the money/accurate; At the money/similarly priced)
  23. In the black/recordedly profitable. The group has been in the black with no rumor until now.
  24.  In the chips/continuously profitable. Their company securities were of the top and the company has been seen in the chips.
  25.  Hold aces/highly competitive. Big companies often hold aces thanks to their advatanges in either market or workforce.




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