Talk About An Unforgettable Moment You Spent With A Group Of People.

In our country motorbike is king. It is cheap to be bought and repaired and can take you to the places where other vehicles would never dare. One day I was presented an opportunity to take motorbike trek with a group of foreign friends coming here for social activities. Our plan was to head toward the Mekong Delta well known as the heart of rice-producing region in the country. The routes were discussed and finalized, mapped and printed for each of us.

We’ve been  on the road for three weeks. It was amazing that all of us could pack up our own personal belongings and some of camping equipment and gear were fittingly loaded in each motorbike. We took the highway as the spectacular ride due to not having much time. A whole new experience of my first long-distance motorcycle trip has come to me. The scene of frenetic traffic in the large cities have been replaced with the one of jouncing along dirt and gravel roads, squeezing our way through impossibly narrow alley markets. Right there some of the friends have told that they had to keep their elbow tucked to avoid clocking the vendors of durians, coconuts, and myriad of other wares. The sight, smell and sound of the place which they’d have never seen anywhere in their country. We have stayed on ramshackle bungalows facing a leafy pond or small building bordering a small offshoot of a river. During the trip we have left our steel horses to take the colonial-era cab pulled by motorb ike to see the place. It was really exciting to get into the craft villages made of bamboo to catch fish. We rowed past cottages balanced on stilts above water. This trip is a great time to enjoy the full of plainness and quietness of the southern countryside and hospitality of local people.

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