Rascal means a mean or dishonest person but in affectionate way it can be used to mildly reprove a child or an old man. The wicked old rascal kissed her. Such a person that behaves badly but in an amusing way can be a scalawag causing more mischief than harm. The term”rapscallion” can replace it but the man treating someone very badly or doing deliberately evil thing is a scoundrel.


Those who look unprincipled are rogues and rogue becomes reprobate in its humorous usage. Such evil men are put into the major character of the plot as the villain. Miscreant is a synonym but used in case of breaking law. This type of personality can be seen in a hooligan as a violent young troublemaker and a hoodlum engaged in a violence or crime. This trait of violence starting since childhood has made him into a ruffian going violent towards others.

They live as punks or worthless persons. This punk child is called scamp with wickedness. This scamp is a varmint in causing much trouble. Contrarily this child is called a prankster fond of playing pranks. The elders playing it are called jesters with a habit of playing the fool.When committing crime they are thugs. They are also vandals deliberately destroying public or private properties.

They can be hired to terrorize as goons. They are louts when being just uncouth or aggressive but in noisy way the lout becomes yahoo! A savagely violent person is a brute. A terrifying person is a fiend. These persons having a particularity in personality are called critters. In brief they are unfortunate persons or wretches. They would be scumbags or objectionable persons in society, sluzzballs or despicable persons, sleazeballs or disresputable persons.





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