You Have Been Invited To Your Friend’s Wedding Which Will Take Place In Another Country Next Month

Dear Sara,

My heart has swollen with love for you when being invited to your wedding. This invitation will also let me attend your engagement celebration. I’m so proud of being there on this great occasion. You know that as a sales manager for one of the leading multinational corporation working in Vietnam for decades I have got caught in charge of sales performance planned not on monthly but weekly. This time your wedding takes place during its apex of the working pressure. Because each monthly plan depends on the lattest week result evaluated to check over whether the planned `target could be achieved or not. Its outcome pressure makes me on top of each salesperson’s scheme to give precise measure for target support. So, I send my regrets that I won’t be there. I was really reluctant to tell about the reason but we have been honest friends for years. I have tried to come up the way that would work and help me be there as expected. I hope you understand that no one in my office could substitute my duty due to my own decisive solutions given in any case of problem. I also know that you have invited very closest family and friends as you have wanted to keep your pretty wedding small. I’m disappointed that I can’t have my appearance to convey my best wishes for a happy wedding. On that day I’m absolutely thinking of you and feeling blissful. Please get me posted on the wedding thereafter and it’s so nice of you to let me committed to keeping friendship alive forever.


Best regards,

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