Revenue means the income gained from normal business activities. It can be described in a monetary unit received during a period of time. This term appears as the top line in income statement. Its bottom line term is net income. It can be referred as sales or turnover or gross receipts for non-profit organization.

Jetstar Pacific Airlines Joint Stock Aviation Company (operating as Jetstar Pacific) is a low-cost airline headquartered in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The airline, formerly known as Pacific Airlines, began operations in 1991, flying chartered cargo services. From 1996 to 2005, the airline, along with other local companies, operated under the government-owned Vietnam Airlines Corporation. Having by now operated passenger services, Pacific Airlines then came under the control of the government itself.

In 2007, the Vietnamese government sold a portion of its shares to Qantas, and as such airline adopted a low-cost operations model and adopted its current name on 23 May 2008, becoming part of the Jetstar network. In February 2012, Vietnam Airlines bought a 70% stake in the company. As part of its expansion plan, it is intended that Jetstar Pacific will have up to 15 Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of 2015. Separately, the Qantas Group’s existing 27 per cent share in Jetstar Pacific has now increased to 30 per cent in-line with long-term commitments.


Read each group of phrases used with discriminated synonyms. Each synonym is described herein in order.

1. Charter a plane, hire a taxi, lease a site, rent a house.

a.         Reserve for private use

b.         Employ a person for wages

c.         Transfer property in return for periodic payment

d.         Use property in return for regular payment

2.         Cargo transportation, by-rail freight, beef consignment delivery, log shipment

a.         Goods carried in a vehicle

b.         Goods transported in a vehicle

c.         Goods delivered to a destination

d.         Goods transported under a bill of lading or airway bill

3.         Equal parts, bit of bread, piece of cheese, slice of meat, slab of pavement, delivery portion, market segment, chunk of masonry, food section, marketing division

a.         What makes up a whole

b.         What’s a very small quantity

c.         What comes by breaking apart

d.         What is cut from the larger

e.         What’s rectangular as a piece

f.          What’s divided for distribution

g.         What’s separated as a part

h.         What’s thick and solid as a piece

i.          What’s distinct as a part

j.          What’s operated as a part

4.         Percented stake, horse bet, home team wager, business risk, money gamble, smoking hazard, pioneering venture

a.         What’s involeved in financial exposure to danger

b.         What’s involved in a future danger

c.         What’s involved in systematic danger

d.         What’s involved in a situational danger

e.         What’s involved in risky action

f.          What’s involved in a probability

g.         What’s involved in a lone period of risks




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