Drug has been the vehicle of militarization in the world for centuries and until now it has become the trillion dollar international drug trafficking activity. In history French has conflicted Europe in Napoleonic wars (1803-1815) and alcohol was used to encourage British troops. The first Opium war (1839-1842) between British and Chinese involved mass drug use. British economy was propped up from prodigious opium imports from China and Chinese people were ravaged in millions of afflicted drug addicts. During the Civil War (1861-1865) morphine was used as an anesthetic in field amputations and a way to stave off diarrhea.

By the end of the 19th century there were one million addicts in America. The WWI (1914-1918) did turn millions of doughboys onto tobacco. Cigarettes were distributed as part of military rations and soldiers were ensured to puff freely. The WWII (1939-1945) achieved the goal that soldiers were fed amphetamines. Japanese Kamikaze pilots, primed with the stimulant Philopon, were high on a form of methamphetamine during their suicide missions.The use of amphetamines and other drugs by Nazi military leaders, including Hitler, fueled their aggression, grandiose ideations, and paranoia.

Vietnam war (1955-1975)  marijuana was most commonly smoked in the field after being mixed in a joint with tobacco. By the summer 1971 up to 20% enlisted men was self-identified as heroin addicts. This type of weed was the preferred drug for troops whiling away their draft days away. Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002) evil men have wielded powerful drugs to force thousands of children to kill. The substances were ranged from amphetamines and cocaine to “brown-brown”, a snorted mixture of cocaine and gunpowder. The War in Iraq (2003-2011) as much as 30 % Iraqi and police forces as prescription drug addicts. Artane is their drug of choice. Used to treat Parkinson’s disease, these pills were thounght to provide energy and courage.

In the War in Afghanistan (2001-Present) heroin and opium play a primary role in the country that produces 90% of the world’s opium. Some of that opium is exported and some is sold to addicts within Afghanistan, but in both cases money goes to the Taliban. In the present Syria war Captagon or the Middle Eastern amphetamine that has not only fueled the war but also instigated the favorite to combatants in their brutal war. It is little more than a generic name for mixtures of amphetamine and caffeine or amphetamine and ephedrine. But, it’s still been the kind of stimulant drug beloved by fighters who desire the energy, alertness and motivation of causing terrible murder. It can reduce hunger, sharpen focus and allow fighters to keep going under terrible bombardment. Fighters on all sides from government troops to ISIS jihadis in Syria have used Captagon.


  1. Poppy-a term for drug used by senior drug dealers
  2. Smack-slang for heroin
  3. Dope-any illegal drug
  4. Drug-a particular combination
  5. Narcotic-opium-based pain drugs
  6. Opium-black sticky tar
  7. Candy-a drug in pill form
  8. Shit-a drug inhaled
  9. Diacetylmorphine-a street lingo for drug
  10. Horse-a slang used in music for drug
  11. Junk-the most dangerous drug
  12. Mojo-a herbal incense
  13. Scag-a dealer’s term
  14. Big H-a street name for heroin
  15. Doojee-a drug in Spain
  16. Flea powder-a low purity heroin
  17. Hard stuff-a term for opium with hardware
  18. White stuff-a term for unnamed drug
  19. Bennies-a report term for drug analysis
  20. Crystal-either snorted or injected drug
  21. Tab-a drug cigarette
  22. Pep pill-a drug containing stimulant
  23. Brown stuff-a powdered cocaine
  24. Dexy-a term for dexadrine
  25. Tar-a term for hidden drug
  26. Blitzed-intoxicated by drink or drug
  27. Blunted-using a marijuana cigarette wrapped in a hollowed out cigar
  28. Buzzed-slightly intoxicated by drug
  29. Carmelyzed-immobolized from too much maijuana smoking
  30. Coked-being affected by using cocaine
  31. Cracked out-mentally dazed from using excessive drug
  32. Crossfade-getting drunk and high on marijuana
  33. Krunked up-very high on marijuana
  34. Flame-broiled-unbelievably high on marijuana
  35. Geeked-using drug to an extreme degree
  36. Jacked-extremely high on stimulant
  37. E-tarded-extremely high on Ecstasy
  38. Toasted oats-passed out due to drug
  39. Nod off-fall asleep due to drug use
  40. Munchies-extremely hungry due to drug use

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