A verbal is a verb in to, ing or ed, or third form of the irregulars. These participles or gerunds have to do their correct grammatical functions in a structure.  This error usually takes place in English grammar and syntax. It also wrecks your logic in a sentence. Modifiers are used to describe a word or make it more specific. When failing to use or misplace modifiers you make them hanging or dangling. You can correct by putting them next to the word they modify, applying correct punctuation or transforming a certain sentence fragment to avoid confusion. This error could be a misplaced modifier, dangling modifier or split infinitive. In brief, it messes up clumsily and makes your structure bungling or having units not getting well in function.



  1. The machines are outdoors placed, so they must be protected and preserved frequently. (Misplaced Adverb)
  2. This would be the largest conference of its kind so far. (Faulty Verb Conjugation)
  3. The entrepreneurs would also be honoured for their contribution to community as well as having the chance to connect to businessmen worldwide. (Mismatched Parallel)
  4. Bookaholics would get an opportunity to find interesting books to add to their family’s bookshelves or collections of old books. (Bungling Repetition)
  5. New books of various kinds such as on social politics, memoirs and foreign literature will be available for discounts up to 80 per cent during the event. (Misplaced Preposition)
  6. Negligence and ignorance of fire safety regulations by investors and residents at high-rise buildings have come to the public’s attention. (Faulty Use of Phrases)
  7. The causes were all blamed on a lack of knowledge of fire safety regulations. (Faulty Phrase)
  8. Ensuring fire prevention and control at high-rise buildings had been neglected when it really should be a top priority. (Faulty Verb Conjugation and Misplaced Adverb)
  9. The city needs to have a thorough inspection campaign of all the fire safety systems of buildings. (Faulty Phrases)
  10. The investors must take responsibility from the construction design, building and acceptance of construction work.
  11. Fire fighting systems and regular checks on equipment were insufficient, especially at social housing projects. (Misused Conjunction and Punctuation)
  12. Many residents do not want to pay an extra sum of money for fire safety insurance as well as not seeing the fire risk as serious.  (Misused Conjunction)
  13. A shipper is now considered a “hot” job for young people and motorbike drivers in urban areas when online shops have mushroomed. (Faulty Verb Conjugation and Faulty Attribute)
  14. A busy office worker said she prefered to buy goods via online shops. (Misused Verb)
  15. Previously there were only some shabby primary schools on floating villages. (Faulty Verb Conjugation)
  16.  We faced difficulties finding a job as we have not completed our education. (Faulty Verb Conjugation and Misused Verbal)
  17. Being used to a floating life, he does not have to spend time learning and finds sailing traditional floating boats a familiar work. (Misused Verbal and Faulty Object)
  18. Tourists can also visit an aquatic product breeding farm here. (Faulty Compound Adjective)
  19. He enjoys the job not only because he has the chance to introduce his fatherland’s beauty but he also feels proud of protecting the waters where he grew up. (Misplaced Parallel)
  20. Things got worse when disaster struck as they could not catch fish. (Faulty Verb Conjugation and Dangling Clauses)

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