Take a stand, have one’s say, make a stand, say one’s piece

  • Adopt a firm position about an issue
  • Give opinion in discussion
  • Hold firm against something or someone
  • Make a prepared statement

Speak one’s mind, make oneself heard, share one’s feelings

  • express one’s opinions frankly
  • say something loudly enough for people to hear
  • talk about one’s opinions, likes, fears, etc.

Sound off, speak up, go on about, hold forth, mouth off, throw shade

  • express one’s opinions in a loud or forceful manner
  • speak more loudly
  • continue talking
  • talk lengthily, assertively, or tediously about a subject
  • talk in an unpleasantly loud and boastful or opinionated way
  • publicly denounce or disrespect

Berate, harangue, rebuke, reprimand

  • scold or criticize someone angrily
  • lecture someone at length in an aggressive and critical manner
  • express sharp disapproval or criticism of someone because of their behavior or actions
  • address a disproval

Reproach, chastise, castigate, admonish, reprove, lambaste

  • express to someone one’s disapproval of or disappointment
  • reprimand severely
  • reprimand severely in punishment
  • warn someone not to do something
  • correct usually gently or with kindly intent
  • criticize (someone or something) harshly

Take to task, give a rap on the knuckles, rake/haul over the coals, give a talking to

  • chew someone out for something they’ve done wrong
  • speak to someone severely or angrily because of something they have done or failed to do
  • give someone a severe scolding
  • scold someone




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