Swiftlet has about thirty species and is known as the heroic tiny bird. It can fly over the sea at the incredible speed in hundreds of kilometers. It receives the wondrous ability bestowed by Nature that it can navigate the darker recesses of the caves. This echolocation skill helps swiftlets detect objects by sensing the echoes from the objects like dolphins or bats.


While building a nest male or female swiftlet can spool out a string of saliva having glue-like and stringy consistency. This protein contains high levels of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium; then gets hardened into a type of laminate cement. Its oversized pair of salivary glands under the bird’s tongue enlarge during the mating and shrinks at the end of nesting season. It takes about 35 days to complete the cycle. This petrified saliva is often called the caviar or escargot of the East.

It has become the world most expensive food at US$2,500 per kilo and been recorded of US$5 billion in sales in 2014. In Malaysia bird’s nest is used to produce coffee, skin care, puddings and candies and permissible under Islam. In China its soup has been said to be good for health for hundreds of years – aiding digestion, raising libido, improving the voice, alleviating asthma and benefiting the immune system overall. Currently, Indonesia supplies about 70 percent of the world’s edible nests, followed by Malaysia with 20 percent.

Vietnam’s bird’s nests industry generates about $200 million in annual revenue, and is growing as much as 25 percent each year. Viet Nam is said to have about 700 enterprises and households engaged in breeding swifts in 1,500 birdhouses, producing around 10 tonnes of bird’s nests a year. The largest bird house now generates about $50,000 worth of bird’s nests per month. With initial $70,000 to $500,000 invested to build a bird house and monthly US$ 50 cost, a successful operation can earn as much as $1 million annually. But, once disease hits a bird house, the investment could be lost as a fairly high-risk business. Taken for exotic Asian delicacies granted bird’s nest is at least less strange than human breast milk and definitely more humane than tiger penis and shark fins.


  1. Heroic, gallant, brave, valiant, intrepid
  1. Marked by exclusive courage. The house is on fire and they prove themselves heroic by running into the flames repeatedly to save people.
  2. Marked by exclusive respect to ladies. A gallant gentleman came over and kissed her hand.
  3. Marked by readiness to face danger. Going into combat without hesitation is the brave act of a soldier.
  4. Marked by possessing courage in difficulty. She has valiant effort get over this difficult situation.
  5. Marked by courage in adventure. He has shown intrepid in his struggle for truth and justice
  1. Dauntless, undaunted, fearless, gritty, doughty
  1. Exhibiting courage in intimidation. The dauntless leader has inspired his troops in dangerous battles.
  2. Exhibiting courage in not abandonning purpose. The undaunted boy walked right up to the bully in challenging him to a fight.
  3. Exhibiting no fear. He has been known for a fearless defender of freedom.
  4. Exhibiting great fortitude. She has made change to this tradition and praised to a gritty pioneer.
  5. Exhibiting no end in achieving a goal. Doughty spirit has inspired us to find out the solution to this crisis.
  1. Bold, impudent, insolent, impertinent
  1. Showing ability to take risk. The boy looks bold in climbing up the roof of his house.
  2. Showing disregard of the elders. Stop moving on not to make an impudent behavior!
  3. Showing overbearing attitude. Talking back to a teacher is an example of being insolent.
  4. Showing no respect for higher merit. Butting in the story shows the clerk impertinent in interaction with his superior.
  1. Sassy, impish, feisty, puckish
  1. Boldly smart. The kid easily looking sassy with his quick-witted reply to the teacher.
  2. Mischievously smart. The child thinks his harmless practical jokes funny and has become impish to the teacher.
  3. Quarelsomely smart. The child is not tall but feisty in dealing with the taller in questions.
  4. Excessively smart. He was chosen to be the head thanks to his puckish sense of humour in play.
  1. Go-getting, high-powered, high-capacity, single-minded, can-do
  1. Aggressively energetic. He was thought to be a go-getting person; so his name was first called in any trouble.
  2. Dynamically capable. In the parade they came with a high-powered delegation.
  3. Fully capable. Steel has a high-capacity endurability against pressure.
  4. Highly determined. This work is for those who are single-minded in helping the poor.
  5. Positively dealing with a problem. Only can-do mind can make change to this situation.
  1. Presumptuous, audacious, tendacious, snobbish, priggish, squeamish, prudish
  1. Failing to know the entire facts. He made the error owing to his presumptuous attitude to reach to the goal so early.
  2. Surprisingly bold. Wearing a weirdo suit shows him a sense of audacious fashion.
  3. Extremely persistent. Her tenacious effort in study has paid her off with honors graduation.
  4. Extremely arrogant. She looks snobbish with her fancy jewelry.
  5. Extremely moralistic. He wondered whether a priest was really priggish about sex.
  6. Strongly having moral view. She was really squeamish in using her influence to help her close friends.
  7. Excessively concerned on sexual propriety. The child is lucky to live in such a family of prudish atmosphere.


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