Benjamin Franklin has discovered electricity but the Stanley Allen Meyer’s is greater. It affects all humanity and the Earth. It even surpasses the achievements of Nikolai Tesla, who has created the 20th century for mankind. What he has invented is the “Water-Fuel Cell”, which comes from fracturing water molecules by use of only half an amp of electricity. This combustible disassociation can create the more powerful energy than gasoline and water is the only significant exhaust emission. His water engine technology will be easily developed to power planes, ships, trains, and spacecraft, completely eliminating our need for oil.

His water powered car doesn’t use numerous solar panels and plenty of sunlight too much charged by electricity. That means ultimately has to be produced from fossil fuels. Stan’s car was far ahead of General Motors hydrogen car, which simply burned hydrogen stored in a fuel tank. It also ultimately uses fossil-generated power.

This invention leads to a world without war fought on crude oil. These wars have cost us bloods of innocents. But, on March 23rd, 1998, Stan died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. His brother Steve said the U.S. government agents had come to Stan’s home a week after his death and taken his car away. This car got 100 miles per gallon of water, and they also walked away with all of his research equipment used to develop the new technology. The Ohio court has claimed his car fraudulent in 1996 and Wikipedia has devoted an article to his invention. This website has also ascertained it patented and now in the public domain. His invention hasn’t perished in people’s mind since the 2014 conference due to be annually held in preservation of the Stan’s retrofitted car with water-fuel cells.

Synonyms: produce, generate, create, fabricate, construct, devise, build, erect, form, shape, manufacture

Their discriminated meanings are described in the following choices shown in order.

1. make from raw materials
2. make electricity
3. make as a result
4. make deceitful content
5. make a road or machine
6. invent a complex mechanism
7. put into a large structure
8. put into an upright structure
9. put together into one thing
10. give a particular form
11. make by using machinery

1. the store……B….in 2016
2. the sentence…F…….with two clauses
3. the statue…E……in the middle of a garden
4. the company……C……skyscrapers
5. the plant…M………car frames
6. the land……P……rice
7. the wily man…F……..evidence
8. the dean……D……..lots of intensive architectural courses
9. the gifts……G……more confidence and respect
10. the lines……S……as a snake
11. the man……C……a market name

ANSWERS: 1. built 2. formed 3. erected 4. constructing 5. manufacturing 6. producing 7. fabricating 8. devising 9. generating 10. shaping 11.creating

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