Yogurt looks like custard but has tart flavor. It can be made with milk and this milk must be curdled by bacteria. People can call it yogurt ord curd. In warm climate people often use primitive methods to ferment milk and yogurt has accidentally come into being. Around 6,000 B.C herdsman has begun the practice of milking animals and curdled milk has good taste. Then, it has evolved into commercialized yogurt.

Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, and his armies lived on yogurt. Turkish immigrants brought yogurt to North America in the 1700s but it really didn’t catch on until the 1940s when Daniel Carasso, the son of Danone founder Isaac, and Juan Metzger took over a small yogurt factory in the Bronx, New York – the company is now called Dannon in the United States. The word “yoğurt” is Turkish in origin. The popularity of yogurt soared in the 50s and 60s with the boom of the health food culture and is now available in many varieties to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Vinamilk commits to bring you the nutrition solution with international standards, meeting the needs of consumers with delicious and nutritious products and leading favorite brands in market such as: Vinamilk liquid milk, Vinamilk yoghurt, Longevity sweetened condensed milk, Southern Star Sweetened Condensed Creamer, Dielac powdered milk, Vfresh Fruit Juice, etc. Vinamilk Aloe Vera yogurt milk has the ecstatically delicious flavor to bring endless appetite. It is not only tasty but really nutritious for complexion as well. Its enriching source of Vitamin A and B helps bring fine complexion, meanwhile Selenium in Aloe Vera contributes to preventing the aging of skin. As a result, each piece of juicy Aloe Vera in the new Vinamilk Yogurt Milk is both a favored food and a precious gift of surprisingly fine complexion for ladies.


Curd, blob, blot, lump, clump, hunk, chunk, gob, bunch, clot, glob, splodge, gobbet, globule, droplet, batch, blotch, smudge, bundle, huddle

  1. Curd of cheese
  2. Blob of paint
  3. Blot of mustard
  4. Lump of coal
  5. Clump of grass
  6. Hunk of meat
  7. Chunk of hardstone
  8. Gob of hair
  9. Bunch of bananas
  10. Clot of blood
  11. Glob of earwax
  12. Splodge of coffee
  13. Gobbet of pus
  14. Globule of gas
  15. Droplet of water
  16. Batch of puppies
  17. Blotch of ink
  18. Smudge of onion
  19. Bundle of sticks
  20. Bevy of quails






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