Unilever is on track to meet most of its green goals. Brands that have led the way Sustainable Living such as Dove, Lifebuoy, Ben & Jerry’s and Comfort. Rising population, development challenges and climate change, the need for businesses to adapt is clear.These brands accounted for the company’s growth in and grew at twice the rate of the rest of the business. Its ambitious target is to help improve the health and well-being of more than a billion people by 2020 and until now Unilever has been nearly 40% of the way (397 million) to reaching it.

Unilever, the Anglo Dutch company with a portfolio of well known brands within nutrition, hygiene, and personal care. Unilever launched its Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), one of the most ambitious strategies that a global company has ever embarked on. Pioneering a bold new business model, the company pledged to double in size at the same time as halving its environmental footprint, setting out to achieve a series of concrete targets by 2020. Unilever has also started to translate and embed the USLP targets into its core working practices and procedures. Across the business, Unilever has also started to provide its people with the tools, skills and knowledge to be able to deliver the USLP.


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