BASE jumping also sometimes written as B.A.S.E. is a type of parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. “BASE” is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: building, antenna, span, and earth. It can be humorously abbreviated as Ballsy Awesome Suicidal Exhibitionists. Unlike skydiving, BASE jumpers don’t use an aircraft of any kind, but instead choose to leap from the top of a fixed structure.

BASE jumping usually occurs closer to the ground and often in proximity with structures. It can use a parachute to arrest their fall and gently deliver them back to the ground. After leaping off a cliff, the jumper’s wingsuit rapidly fills with air, so he or she can glide along like bird. Others will even leap out of a plane and glide along at higher altitudes before deploying their parachutes. BASE jumpers must leap and deploy their parachutes almost immediately in most cases, often navigating around other man-made obstacles on their way back to Earth.

Some places have banned the sport altogether and in most metropolitan areas the authorities don’t take too kindly to daredevils jumping off of tall structures. It is an incredibly dangerous sport that should only be attempted by those who have been properly trained. It is estimated that an accident is 43 times more likely to occur while taking part in this activity as opposed to simply skydiving from an aircraft. More than 350 people have died from BASE jumping since 1981.

Participating in the sport usually requires the breaking or bending of laws. Jumps from buildings and antennas are almost always illegal, and even if the jumps themselves aren’t, getting to prime jumping locations can involve trespassing, picking locks and duping security guards. As a result, the sport is secretive by nature. One of the worst sins a BASE jumper can commit is publicizing the sport since it makes it harder to perform illegal jumps.


  1. A hop, skip, and a jump: a short distance
  2. A pile jack rice couldn’t jump over: a particularly large sum of money
  3. Be for the high jump: be punished swiftly and harshly
  4. Be jumping up and down: be angry or annoyed
  5. Be one jump ahead: a little bit more prepared, skilled, or successful than someone or something
  6. Big jump: a figurative leap in one’s thinking or course of action
  7. Get a jump on someone/something: start something early or ahead of others
  8. Go chase yourself!: go away and stop bothering
  9. Go jump in a/the lake: go away and leave one alone
  10. Jump across: leap over something that is broad rather than tall
  11. Jump all over: scold someone severely
  12. Jump at: accept or seize something with alacrity
  13. Jump bail: intentionally not appear in court after having been released on bail
  14. Jump one’s bones: have sexual intercourse with someone especially in an energetic or enthusiastic manner
  15. Jump clear of: get out of the way of something
  16. Jump down: leap downward into or through something
  17. Jump down (one’s) throat: yell at or scold one harshly
  18. Jump for joy: be exuberant or very happy about something
  19. Jump in: begin or undertake something quickly
  20. Jump in (at) the deep end: begin doing something suddenly and without guidance
  21. Jump in feet first/jump in with both feet: begin or undertake something quickly without trepidation
  22. Jump off: leap off something
  23. Jump on the bandwagon: join or follow something once it is successful or popular
  24. Jump out of: leap from something
  25. Jump out of (one’s) skin: physically recoil, flinch in fear or surprise
  26. Jump over: leap over or across something
  27. Jump over the broomstick: get married
  28. Jump rope: jump or skip repeatedly over a length of rope, cord, or the like
  29. Jump ship: suddenly abandon any post or task
  30. Jump smooth: give up illegal activities
  31. Jump street: the start of something
  32. Jump the gun: start something before it is permissible
  33. Jump the lights: pass through an intersection while the traffic lights for that lane are red
  34. Jump the queue: go ahead of someone or multiple people who have been waiting before one
  35. Jump the rails/track: veer off in very unexpected directions
  36. Jump the shark: signal especially through a conspicuous activity, event, or maneuver
  37. Jump through a hoop: do everything possible to obey or please someone
  38. Jump to a conclusion: form an opinion or judgment hastily
  39. Jump to it: start doing some task or activity
  40. Jump up: leap upward to the level of something
  41. Jump up and down: make a great display of emotion
  42. Jump with: be very active with excitement or enthusiasm
  43. Jumped-up: describe someone who acts or is thought to be more important
  44. Jumping-off place/point: a starting point for a journey or venture
  45. Jump-start: start a car by getting power from another car
  46. Jump-start someone: get someone going or functioning
  47. Jumpy: nervous
  48. Quantum jump: a sudden or important change or improvement
  49. See which way the cat jumps: wait to make a decision until one has more information
  50. Take a running jump: go away and leave one alone


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