Weasel coffee is a loose English translation of its Vietnamese name cà phê Chồn, where popular, chemically simulated versions are also produced. Although kopi luwak is a form of processing rather than a variety of coffee, it has been called one of the most expensive coffees in the world with retail prices reaching €550 / US$700 per kilogram.Kopi luwak is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. It is also widely gathered in the forest or produced in the farms in the islands of the Philippines (where the product is called kape motit in the Cordillera region, kapé alamíd in Tagalog areas, and kapé melô or kapé musang in Mindanao island), and in East Timor (where it is called kafé-laku).

Trung Nguyên is the largest domestic coffee brand within Vietnam, and exports its products to more than 60 countries, including major Asian markets such as Japan and Singapore.The group, established in 1996 in Buôn Ma Thuột, Đắk Lắk Province is composed of six members: Trung Nguyen Corporation JSC, Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee Company JSC, Trung Nguyen Coffee LLC, G7 Commercial Services Company, Đặng Lê Tourism Company JSC, Trung Nguyên Franchising Company JSC and G7 Ministop Joint Venture Company. Its chairman and CEO is Đặng Lê Nguyên Vũ, who is regarded as Vietnam’s Coffee King.


Trung Nguyên is known as an important producer and distributor of kopi luwak (Vietnamese: cà phê chồn), weasel coffee Trung Nguyen also known as civet coffee, both natural and simulated. Kopi luwak, widely noted as the most expensive coffee in the world, is coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets, then passed through its digestive tract. After gathering, thorough washing, sun drying, light roasting, and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness.


Trung Nguyên’s Legendee brand coffee is a simulated kopi luwak product, which uses synthetic enzymes to mimic the civet’s gastric acid, producing effects on flavour similar to actual kopi luwak, and reducing the need to rely on the civet, which is now endangered in Vietnam due to excessive hunting. In August 2010, Trung Nguyên CEO Dang Le Nguyen Vu reported that the company had begun manually producing its own natural (non-simulated) kopi luwak under its Weasel sub-brand. Due to the complicated production process, only 40–50 kg of Weasel coffee are produced annually. It is much more expensive than any of the company’s other products: a 1 kg bag of Weasel coffee costs $3,000, six times higher than Indonesian kopi luwak. Dang has claimed, however, that Trung Nguyên’s Vietnamese version is of higher quality, since production depends on wild or free range civets who choose the best coffee beans themselves, instead of being caged and force-fed.




  1. Domestic, local, internal, national

Domestic violence, local news, internal affairs, national grid, nationals manager

  1. Local, native, indegineous, resident, aboriginal

Local traffic, native American, indegineous people, resident portal, aboriginial culture

  1. Home-grown, home-based, home-produced, homemade

Home-grown industries, homegrown Seattle, home-based business, homebased mom, home-produced goods, homemade pancake




  1. Common Verb
    1. Weasel, avoid, evade, elude, eschew, sidestep, equivocate, prevaricate, procrastinate, circumvent, tergiversate

Avoid doing what has been agreed, avoid cancer, evade police, elude capture, eschew punishment, sidestep secret, equivocate on food labeling, prevaricate about the true amount, procrastinate racehorse, circumvent censorship, tergiversate definition


    1. balk, dodge, duck, shirk, shun, spurn, snub, skulk

balk a smile, dodge shrapnels, duck a fall, shirk a duty, shun hardship, spurn a meeting, snub thanks, skulk in silence


  1. Phrasal verb

turn away, beat about the bush, worm one’s way out of, sit on the fence

refuse acceptance, discuss without coming to the point, gradually achieve by artful means, avoid making a decision




  1. Roast 2. grill 3. fry 4. steam 5. boil 6. poach 7. simmer 8. stew


  1. cook slowly in liquid
  2. heat below the boiling point
  3. cook in boiling water
  4. cook in steamed water
  5. cook in a metal framework
  6. cook in oil in a shallow pan
  7. cook over a fire
  8. cook to turn to vapor




Boiled eggs, roasted chicken, stewed rhubard, steamed shrimps, fried rice, poached fish, simmered chicken thighs, grilled pork chops

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