Rewrite by correcting the repletion of “by”:

The great development of photography has been a notable aid to explorers, not only by placing at their disposal a faithful and ready means of recording the features of a country and the types of inhabitants, but also by supplying a method of quick and accurate topographical surveying.

Correct the error from the usage of “before” clause instead of phrase:

Among the notable buildings are the weigh-house (17th century), the bell-tower (1591), formerly attached to the town-hall before this was destroyed in the 18th century, and the church of St.

Correct the structure of clauses

A hawk made a wide swing across the grassland and then suddenly dived, jerking up at the last second, its great wings straining as it pumped back into the air with added weight.

Correct the verbal phrase

It was going to be nice having nothing to do but enjoy their little family for the next two weeks.

Correct the sequence of tenses

It is most perplexing and exasperating that just at the moment when you need your memory and a nice sense of discrimination, these faculties take to themselves wings and fly away.

Correct the inversion

Neither spoke on their return trip to the bed and breakfast, and she went straight to her room.

Correct the sequence of tense

Denisov evidently tried to expose Rostov to danger as seldom as possible, and after an action greeted his safe return with evident joy.

Correct the repetition of that-clause

Overtaking the battalions that continued to advance, he stopped the third division and convinced himself that there really were no sharpshooters in front of our columns.

Correct the usage of “more”

As civilization and technology advance, people begin to create more than they consume.

Correct the usage of “will’ and its punctuation

It will build a table of all the words used by people like you who have reviewed those restaurants and will look for San Francisco restaurants described with the same words.

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