Something characteristic of its kind or illustrating a general rule is example. In the case of a person its synonym is exemplar. When this exemplar is desirable to everybody, it is being an exemplary. Regarding a desirable quality the term “paragon” should be used for description. As for an exemplary with impeccable property paragon can be also a good word to mean and for a perfect person it is epitome. But, be careful of the case that this paragon was the original and the best word is “archetype”. In production archetype has to be replaced with “prototype”. In expression something fixed, widely used and oversimplified is called stereotype. Stereotype can’t say a truth but just cause prejudice or human was born to be preconceived with their own opinion not on real reason or actual experience.


An idea or quality can be tangibly or visibly shown or has a certain embodiment. For instance, she was known to be the living embodiment of vitality. But, in life something can be human or nonhuman, concrete or abstract, spiritual or nonspiritual. We can use a figure to represent an abstract quality and instead of embodiment we have to use personification. That is the reason why essence is meant to be the intrinsic nature of something and quintessence of someone. Essence can be concocted but quintessence isn’t concocted. In the case of an abstract idea the term is best used as “manifestation” in the form of an event.


The terrible truth is that in the case of the immaterial of the material it is the soul as the immortal or the quintessence of an essence. Furthermore, this soul needs to be described in a human way that a deity needs to have a person who embodies in the flesh as incarnation. All religion on Earth have their own incarnated persons to say about their respective principles of ethic and worship. It’s plain to see that in each religion there is one person who has made commandments for their own. This person is also called avatar on Earth. The last word in meaning to say the truth is that the word “symbol” or one thing material is used to mean the immaterial. Human life has been based on this word to evolve as civilization incurred on this planet since its day of existence.









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