DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The remaining one percent is responsible for the countless features—like eye color, skin tone, and body shape—that make each person unique. Alleles are forms of the same gene with small differences in their sequence of DNA bases contributing to each person’s unique physical features.

The mRNA vaccines designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator deliver genetic information to parts of your body. The mRNA is programmed to send instructions to immune cells to target the viral spike proteins, prompting the immune system to make antibodies. However, not every antibody is created the same. Each person will produce their own antibodies that could end up targeting different areas of the spike protein with different affinity for interaction.

Every cell in the body is closely connected, through the nervous system with the mind; and also that every cell is directly influenced by the mind. All the cells in the body tend to act as the mind acts, tend to become what the mind becomes, and tend to change or improve as the mind improves. The majority of all the ills that come to the human family have their origin, either in loss of vital energy, or in nervous conditions; that is, interior discord.

Therefore, if a certain part of the mind becomes inactive, a great many of the cells in the body would also fall into inactivity; for instance, our body is infected or vaccinated because fear or worry comes over as threat to life or a jab of bio-weapon. An inactive cell soon becomes a dead, hardened or ossified cell, which means the looming arrival of disease, old age or inability even a death, injury or comorbitity in one or many ways. Psychological equilibrium means interior harmony and balance; and therefore, when such the equilibrium is maintained, all conditions in every form of nervousness will cease to exist in the system. Human body can deter any ruin from a jab.

It is necessary to have many methods of healing and many ways to open the doors to personal emancipation and well being. The Great Law is that it is absolutely impossible for any form of disease, physical or mental, organic or functionary to enter the human system so long as that system is abundantly supplied with vital energy. Diet and environment are decisive factors in this aspect.

Realizing the fact that the subconscious mind is the most vitalizing source of energy; and that the subconscious will invariably respond to our conscious directions; we should make it a point to direct the subconscious each day in order to keep our physical and mental system, absolutely full of vital energy every moment.

Take a few moments several times every day, and turn attention upon the energy that fills your physical and mental system. Then try to feel that you are holding all of this energy in your own system through the power of your mind. The practice of turning thought and attention into other channels for thirty minutes several times every day is one of the best methods known for recharging the system with energy, and thus keeping mind and body fully supplied at all times.

It is highly important that the more we expect the more we receive. This is wonderfully done in meditation or saying prayers. The art of meditation is that we must never permit anxiety to accompany our expectations; we must, in all things, be calm and serene, and make it our purpose to live and act in the full faith that all our expectations will be realized.

The fact is that there is more power in a calm, serene faith than in anything else in the world. Under every circumstance, work in poise. Work with all the energy you have; but apply that energy in poise; and never permit yourselves to violate this rule. Avoid nervous rush, regardless of conditions or demands; and also avoid the habit of doing less than you can do; for remember that we always lose what energy we do not use.

We must avoid the misuse of not only the body but also the mind. Such states therefore as anger, fear or worry we must never be tolerated for a single moment. Turn the positive will upon the subconscious, and will to arouse more and more vital energy from within.

When we breathe regardless of where they may live, we take into the system something more besides the air that enters the lungs. The fact is that the physical atmosphere is charged with certain vital forces, or life energies. In order to draw more and more of this life force into your system as you breathe, the chief secret is to get your mind into such close contact with the finer side of that force. You hold your breath for a few seconds; try to feel that this finer energy is penetrating every fiber in your being.

The mind that does not change will starve; and when the mind starves the body dries up, withers, becomes old and ossified. It is new thought that constitutes the proper food for the mind; and the more new thought the mind is given the privilege to create, the better the mind will be nourished. To create new thought the mind must constantly advance towards the new, into the new, and up into the larger and the higher. And such the advancement can only follow a deep, strong and ceaseless interest in the new, the superior, and the most perfect everywhere.

We must always have will to act before we can act whether the physical or mental action. The more we express in the action; the more powerful and effective will that action be. Whatever we do, therefore, results will depend largely upon how much will we give to the work or purpose in hand. Turn on the full current of the will, and you aid nature immensely. You turn the tide of life in your own favor.


  1. INCURABLE: not able to be cure
  2. BEYOND CURE: there is no hope
  3. CURELESS: giving no improvement
  4. IRREMEDIABLE: impossible to put right
  5. REMEDILESS: not able to be accepted as a remedy
  6. INCORRIGIBLE: not able to be rectified for a morality
  7. UNCORRECTABLE: not able to be corrected for a fault
  8. UNFIXABLE: not able to put right in function
  9. IRREPARABLE: not able to rectify a loss
  10. IRRECOVERABLE: not able to be regained
  11. UNRECOVERABLE: not able to be recovered
  12. UNHEALABLE: not able to return healthier
  13. UNMENDABLE: not able to repair for damage
  14. UNAMENDABLE: not able to change for the better
  15. UNTREATABLE: no medical care is available
  16. INOPERABLE: impractical
  17. IMMEDICABLE: impossible to be used for treatment
  18. IRREDEEMABLE: not able to be saved


  1. Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable, painful disease. INCURABLE
  2. This report describes a new therapeutic approach with a plausible mechanism of action in a severe and otherwise untreatable condition. UNTREATABLE
  3. It is their incorrigible pettishness and ignominious attitude towards their voters that makes the whole nation suffer. INCORRIGIBLE
  4. She sprang to her feet, her bright fancies fallen into cureless ruin. CURELESS
  5. It used to be that when a book was printed thousands of copies were printed at the same time and distributed to book stores, leaving any errors uncorrectable. UNCORRECTABLE
  6. A number unique to each handset can be used to identify and render stolen phones inoperable. INOPERABLE
  7. Last year’s construction caused irreparable harm to some of the family farms there. IRREPARABLE
  8. There was the thought he had to face, and behind him lay his own irredeemable blunder. IRREDEEMABLE
  9. This, in cleaning or washing, contracts and leaves the buttonhole edging, and in a few cleanings it is a mass of unmendable rags. UNMENDABLE
  10. The evil was so wide-spreading, so violent and immedicable, that no care, no prevention could be judged superfluous, which even added a chance to our escape. IMMEDICABLE
  11.  There are at least three very important safeguards for the patient, which in no way renders him remediless and without protection in a human rights context. REMEDILESS
  12.  All histories are dead, invisible, unfixable, unattainable, broken, inarticulate. UNFIXABLE
  13.  Partial deals were possible because they did not require him to adopt any irrecoverable positions. IRRECOVERABLE
  14.  The software crashed with an unrecoverable error, and I lost half an hour of work. UNRECOVERABLE
  15.  In the circumstances, it is necessary to assess whether the delay has caused irremediable prejudice to the defendant. IRREMEDIABLE
  16.  It’s beyond cure of a timely appointment that they have been stuck in a terrible pileup on the national highway. BEYOND CURE
  17.  The bill which he asks for could come real on condition of such the unamendable in human rights were kicked off. UNAMENDABLE
  18. Video games have caused so much unhealable trauma to children’s mind that it is why the newly-coined “zombie” came into being. UNHEALABLE

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