Human is born to accept as God exists over there without any absolute definition by man. This truth constructs the intrinsic belief as it is in universe that you live as you see. But, how to deal with fear is an opposite issue. I believe something existing is not dangerous but others don’t. Belief defines fear and likelihood decides on man’s fate or karma.

People don’t know that this fear has begun death every where. It will bring out an absolute obliteration or the mind killer causing a painful passion in expectation for evil. Man has lived on evil not truth since the day of sin definition. Unless you have a good heart, you won’t fear God. God exists as a sovereign power of love in everyone but fear has killed our mind to live far away from God.

Mass media has instilled this fear in human mind second by second. These terms have proved that man has become extinct from its own power by God by birth. As you recognize them clearly, please look into the list below. We can conclude that human civilization is an evolution of man-made fear not by its own eternally evolving infinity.


  1. Thanatophobia            fear of death
  2. Uranophobia   fear of heaven
  3. Tonitrophobia fear of thunder
  4. Thalassophobia            fear of the sea
  5. Scotophobia    fear of the dark
  6. Pyrophobia      fear of fire
  7. Psychrophobia             fear of the cold
  8. Photophobia    fear of light


  1. Muriphobia      fear of mice
  2. Ophidiophobia            fear of snakes
  3. Pediculophobia           fear of lice
  4. Pyrophobia      fear of fire
  5. Thalassophobia            fear of the sea
  6. Pogonophobia             fear of beards
  7. Cynophobia     fear of dogs
  8. Ailurophobia   fear of cats
  9. Ornithophobia             fear of birds
  10. Batrachophobia           fear of frogs and toads
  11. Arachnophobia            fear of spiders
  12. Acarophobia    fear of itching or of insects causing itching



  1. Eosophobia     fear of dawn
  2. Ergasiophobia             fear of work
  3. Ergophobia      fear of work
  4. Chrematophobia          fear of money
  5. Cibophobia      fear of or distaste for food
  6. Claustrophobia            fear of closed spaces
  7. Climacophobia            fear of falling down stairs
  8. Clinophobia     fear of staying in bed
  9. Cremnophobia             fear of cliffs and precipices
  10. Cyberphobia    fear of computers
  11. Cancerophobia            fear of cancer
  12. Cathisophobia             fear of sitting
  13. Belonephobia fear of pins and needles
  14. Bibliophobia    fear of books
  15. Automysophobia         fear of being dirty
  16. Autophobia     fear of solitude
  17. Ballistophobia             fear of missiles
  18. Bathophobia    fear of falling from a high place
  19. Batophobia      fear of heights or being close to tall buildings
  20. Astraphobia     fear of being struck by lightning
  21. Anthrophobia fear of humans
  22. Anuptaphobia             fear of staying single
  23. Aquaphobia     fear of water
  24. Arachibutyrophobia    fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
  25. Algophobia     fear of pain
  26. Amathophobia            fear of dust
  27. Amaxophobia fear of riding in a car
  28. Ambulophobia            fear of walking
  29. Acrophobia     fear of heights
  30. Aerophobia     fear of flying or draughts
  31. Agoraphobia   fear of open spaces
  32. Agyiophobia   fear of crossing busy streets
  33. Aichmophobia             fear of sharp or pointed objects



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