You recently attended a course and you found it different from the advertisement in the brochure. Write a letter to the college and say about your claim.

Dear the St. Francis Training Office Chief,

My name is Edward Kelly, who has enrolled into your Interactive Broadcast Course. It is conducted at your headquarters in Canvas Campus on August 20th, 2015. I’ve also logged in to get familiar with the course structure and requirement. The online brochure provides me many answers on the strategic and tactical challenges to a digital broadcaster in the world today. It also covers your favorite features specifically structured for those who are interested in social media analytics. The course attendee will have once-a-month opportunity to meet award professionals on the site to get approach to their hands-on experience. But, when its schedule started on the day, I was being there with other attendees and  informed of some changes in faculty facilitators in which this monthly fieldwork session hasn’t existed anymore. So, this interruption has affected to our scheme in gaining access to invaluable experiences from the best professionals. We’re earnestly asking for another tutorial substitute so that I can get the highest benefit from these workshops as the integral part of my training scheme.

Thanks a lot.


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