Silkworms produce silk fabric that is used to make silk garment and gives birth to sericulture. Chinese has been the monopolist on silk production and kept its secret for thousands years. The secret lies in how perfect the diet can be perfected how far its moth can’t be prevented from hatching. The eggs are controlled to hatch; then its infant worms are fed on mulberry leaves until they get to the astonishing 10,000 times their origional weight. In several days these the silkworms develop into cocoons. White puffy balls of fibres appear to get into the final threads in 600-900 meters long.

Those who passed on these secrets or smuggled silkworms outside China were punished with death penalty. In 550  two monks travelled arouns China as spies and they smuggled silk worms in hollow bamboo cane. Silk production began within Constantinople and the 3000-year secret of sericulture was at last uncovered outside after thousands of years. In the 13th century Italy began silk production. Until now 50% world silk has been still produced in China and remained the luxury material for clothing and home furnishings.

At MIT a group of scientists have discovered the power of spider silk by using 3D printing to analyze its structure. Spider webs are spun to catch a specific, anticipated kind of prey. Silkworms have used the bare minimum amount of material to maximize the yield of nutrition at the least lost of the spider’s energy. They modified their patterns of delicate load points to deal with failure mechanisms. Professor Jennifer Lewis said the windier and stormy the conditions of spiders were; the better-mixed fibres were cushioned to get to the highest architecture. Spider silk is an impressive and fascinating material produced from feats of engineering. They have unclocked its secret that spider silk is stronger than steel and leads to bio-inspired structure in the future.


1. air one`s dirty linen in public, birthday suit, as comfortable as an old shoe, as tough as an old boot

a. show private problems to others

b. so tough or easily moved in feelings

c. so comfortable or familiar

d. completely naked

ANSWERS: 1. a 2. d 3. c. 4. b

2. roll up one`s sleeves, down at the heel, wait for the other shoe to drop, laugh up one’s sleeve

a. laugh quietly to oneself

b. seriously depressed

c. await misfortune to happen

d. get ready for a hard job

ANSWERS: 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. a

3. have up one`s sleeve, speak off the cuff, give the boot, wear more than one hat

a. have a secret scheme in advance

b. fire someone from a job

c. speak without preparation in public

d. take more duty

ANSWERS: 1. a 2. c 3. b 4. d

4. best bib and tucker, bet one`s boots, bore the pants off someone, burn a hole in one`s pocket

a. eager to spend all of money

b. bet all one has

c. cause boredom to someone

d. wearing best clothes

ANSWERS: 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. a

5. burst at the seams, by the seat of one’s pants, cap and gown, charm the pants off (someone)

a. wearing the academic suit worn in honor of a graduate

b. successful by luck not with skill

c. make use of nicety and charm as a means of persuasion

d. fully crowded

ANSWERS: 1. d 2. b 3. a 4. c

6. cloak-and-dagger, come apart at the seams, come into fashion, cut a fine figure

a. looking nice in dress

b. in extremely upset situation

c. become fashionable

d. hidden in plot and secrecy

ANSWERS: 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. a

7. wash-and-wear, wear one`s heart on one`s sleeve, wear sackcloth and ashes, wear several hats

a. take more than one responsibility

b. sorry and repentent

c. easily showing own feelings

d. need no ironing in wearing

ANSWERS: 1. d 2. c 3. b 4. a


  1. None could answer which suit would (become fashionable) again.
  2. As the chief of sales office he has to (take more than responsibility) to fulfill the monthly target.
  3. You shouldn’t (easily show out your own feelings) when people here seem not so honest in giving help.
  4. (Unnecessarily ironed) clothes save me a lot of time in laundry.
  5. I (quietly laughed to myself) in seeing someone flattering him for a pay rise.
  6. Most of my colleagues are really (seriously depressed) at the news of his scandal.
  7. Such a bad attitude taken by him in this office will (await misfortune to come).
  8. Forced (to be sorry and repentent), the politician has been still audacious to the public with his own wrongdoing.
  9. His denial to what he has committted made us (falling into an upset situation).
  10. The company asked everybody (to be wearing the best clothes) at the contract signature ceremony.
  11. The covert operations manipulated by the terrorists are often (secret and put in terrible plots) by the infamous secret agents.
  12. She daily (looks very nice and charming) in any meeting with customers.
  13. (Her candid answers have persuasively inspired) him to agree on the contract.
  14. Every graduate has (to wear their academic uniform) for the university graduation ceremony.
  15. All of the passenger lounges were (fully crowded) on these public days.
  16. His parents’ wealth can’t afford him as he has been (eager to spend all of his money) at a time.
  17. His tedious presentation (made the audience bored).
  18. The photo of a little boy running back home (entirely naked) took the award.
  19. He loved those women who looked (hardly sensible) to get along with his weird trait.
  20. How good it is being in such a room when you (feel so familiar) in a visit.
  21. I (secretly make a plan) that I can afford that course as a moonlighter. that my friend will not have enough money to go on a holiday.
  22. He unbelievably took the ward (owning to luck not any talent).
  23. Our team (got ready to make every effort) very easily in these charity works
  24. This interview would (show our financial problems to public).
  25. He was known for (speaking without any preparation) in some public speech to promote company name.

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