Following others’ will is obedient and it is often used to denote a human trait. Regarding animal it’s better used with biddable that means being ready to follow an instruction. In case of what someone else wants it’s being acquiescent that means without any protest. This protest does not exist but is shown in an excessive degree to become compliant. Those who look compliant are inclined to be willing to please others and become complaisant. Otherwise, they tend to please others as required by rule or control to look so docile. These three synonyms are used to mean a trait but in view of mind it’s pliable and a property or  material it’s pliant. Be careful of the synonym “ductile” it’s often used to mean making a sin. Furthermore, it’s easily mistaken between pliableness and pliability. One is said about a not good trait and another is contrary as a quality.


Let’s fill in these blanks with the most appropriate words. These _________children are ready to do everything he asks from them. At some classes you can see that most of school girls look so good-humored and eagerly_________. That conflict would have taken place unless the unions hadn’t been _________. The dictator has tried to keep the oppressed _________. She was totally __________to him and thought to be a good wife. A good child tends to be _________and does what parents tell. That’s the type of dog looking peaceful and ___________. It’s not hard to detect how mass media has controlled _________teenage mind. These ________willow stems can be used to make a basket.


Other synonyms challenge your power of words indeed. Those who look amenable can be easily persuaded but not influenced. In case of influence it is better with malleable. Accordingly, the synonym “tractable” is similar in meaning but used to denote an animal.  In short, these could be easily mistaken into others. Receptive is used to mean a ready acceptance to a new suggestion or idea. This acceptance looking so positive is responsive. Looking so sensitive is susceptive and too sensitive to avoid a danger or risk is susceptible. But, being passively sensitive to authority is submissive.


Let’s take the correct choice of word usage again. In such a corrupt working environment none could avoid being __________ to flattery. It’s not strange to see that the drama audience look too _________ to any latest comedy. Those who are _________to social and economic changes can exist to defend their country. It’s normal to see a slave tending to be __________to any type of abuse. She was __________enough to live on his riches. They are lucky to have easy babies and ___________children.








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