We focus more closely on the style options of a dress shirt. It’s important to keep in mind that the subject of style is very personal and dependent on one’s taste. Most shirts feature a plain front without any additional elements other than chest pockets. While classic dress shirts may feature a chest pocket for functional aspects, two chest pockets should be kept strictly for relaxed alternatives such as safari, military or western shirts.


If you’re considering a shirt for an event with a certain formality, be it black-tie or a wedding, it is usual for shirts to present a bib-like contrast in the front. This so-called “tuxedo shirt” is not meant for everyday wear. It should be saved for the occasion. The contrasting fabrics on the bib are usually heavier and feature a pleated or pique effect. This type of detailed front has also enabled designers to create bold statement pieces making use of contrasting elements of both color and pattern.

The placket automatically draws attention to itself due to the closure alternatives and button location.


  • The Traditional Placket – also known as the “American placket” due to the strong influence and representation of American style. Consisting of a separated piece of fabric attached to the shirt front, either by being folded or stitched, this version allows for added stability and a symmetrical aesthetic.
  • The 3/4 Placket – a variation on the above mentioned, this version has a shorter length, ending before the last button and usually in a pointed shape. It is commonly seen on more relaxed shirts or popovers.
  • The French Placket – a more polished alternative than the traditional. It is achieved by folding the fabric over itself inwards. This technique allows a clean shirt front without any stitching, which as the name states, is associated with a more European aesthetic and the go-to choice for a “sprezzy” Italian look.
  • The Fly Front Placket – originally associated with evening or tuxedo shirts, this placket features an extra flap of fabric which conceals the button row and provides a sharper and cleaner looking shirt than all of the above alternatives.

The recent evolution of men’s dress shirts reflects the growing needs and demands of a fashion-driven market. Different shirt styles were suitable to specific occasions. So,  we will address fit, shirt components, suitability to attires and occasions.

Fit is one of the most influential traits in defining style as the most striking feature of a shirt.The question remains whether to choose ready-to-wear options or made-to-measure alternatives, but the shirt will portray a characteristic aesthetic that suits your taste.

The classic fit aims to maintain the traditional tailoring silhouette, allowing a comfortable feel with a boxier shape.It provides great mobility and features two vents on the back, usually located near the yoke. The slim fit has been gaining adepts and recognition with a younger audience, getting more self conscious about their image and aiming to portray a trendier look. Accentuated back darts and a higher armhole stance allow for a shaped look that sits closer to the body. Although it’s commonly associated with casual or fashion shirts, an appropriate choice of fabric may allow for more formal alternatives as well. If you’re on the bulkier side you might want to skip this one. Probably the most popular alternative on the list, this fit represents the evolution of the shirt pattern to reflect, a more contemporary feel. This option sits in between the classic and the slim fit. It provides the best of both worlds in what regards comfort and style. A slightly tapered silhouette on the waist, usually making use of small back darts, ensures the success of this much sought all rounder.


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  1. Coat, jacket, robe, chiton, kirtle, toga, kilt, jumper


Crombie coat, goose down jacket, silk robe, ancient Greek chiton, linen kirtle, men’s toga, khaki kilt, ratchet jumper


  1. Gown, dress, frock, garb, skirt, smock, apron, negligee


Gilded gown, evening dress, fancy frock, roman garb, poodle skirt, baby smock, leather apron, wedding negligee


  1. Suit, apparel, garment, costume, outfit, raiment, accouterment, attirement, ensemble


Ghillie suit, cycling apparel, garment steamer, riddler costume, cowboy outfit, avatar raiment, bribe attirement, outfit ensemble


  1. Safari, trek, trip, tour, journey, expedition, voyage, cruise, passage, excursion, outing, jaunt


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