The very word “false flag” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as common people inherently and historically deceived in secret plots perpetrated by those who rule the world behind the scene for centuries.

In the past for political purposes many documented false flag attacks have been carried out as terror attacks; then blamed on the enemies. They were designed to deceive in such a way that the operations were taken by the enemies not by those who planned and executed them. The so-called government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy. The officials in the government which carried out these attack have admitted to it, either orally or in writing and until now the list has involved 42 instances. Here is the most terrible one leading the American people to their worst tragedy.

In 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened and it has been admitted by the U.S National Security Agency that data were manipulated to make it look as the North Vietnamese boats fired on the U.S ship so as to create a false justification for the Vietnam war.

On August 2, 1964, the destroyer USS Maddox, while performing a signals intelligence patrol as part of DESOTO operations, was pursued by three North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats of the 135th Torpedo Squadron. Maddox fired 3 warning shots and the North Vietnamese boats then attacked with torpedoes and machine gun fire. Maddox expended over 280 3-inch and 5-inch shells in what was claimed to be a sea battle. One US aircraft was damaged, three North Vietnamese torpedo boats were allegedly damaged, and four North Vietnamese sailors were said to have been killed, with six more wounded. There were no U.S. casualties. Maddox was unscathed except for a single bullet hole from a Vietnamese machine gun round.

It was originally claimed by the National Security Agency that a Second Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred on August 4, 1964, as another sea battle, but instead evidence was found of “Tonkin ghosts” (false radar images) and not actual North Vietnamese torpedo boats. In the 2003 documentary The Fog of War, the former United States Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara admitted that the August 2 USS Maddox attack happened with no Defense Department response, but the August 4 Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened.



 1. REPUGNANT, repulsive, repellent, revulsive

 Being unacceptable due to its conflicting property can be known to to repugnant. For instance, the thought of going against the public makes him repugnant. In case of physical arousal of intense dislike it’s good to use “repulsive” as a repulsive smell. Figuratively, it’s better to use “repellent” as a repellent idea to traditional value. “Revulsive” is particularly used to say about a sense of violent feeling as his revulsive curiosity to her beauty in an instant.

2. Disgusting, revolting, sickening, nauseating

 Rotten teeth make you feel too painful to suffer and they look disgusting. You even suffer its revolting smell causing an anger. But, this type of disgust can be seen in case of commonplace scenes as stench blood does and makes you sickening and you could vomit because of its nauseous odor and by that time the stench becomes nauseating.

3. Abominable, execrable, detestable, obnoxious

Something too bad could be abominable as this tea is abominable for a drink. When being said in moral facet it is used to denote a violent reaction as any uprising can be suppressed in an abominable cruelty. With not a violence but a performance it is replaced with “execrable” as he didn’t care watching this execrable documentary. Hate is implied in “detestable” or unpleasant feeling is in “obnoxious”. This little obnoxious brat makes noise in every act and is found too detestable at home.

4. Heinous, odious, hedious

These three synonyms share one meaning-utterly wicked. Heinous is used to denote a person, an act especially a crime to say about its intensity. Heinous act persecuted by them has been concealed for centuries. Odious is for an extreme offense as this accusation has made him odious to everybody. Hedious is for a shocking moral violence. Their hedious act of torture has been said in this cover story.


5. SECRET, secretive, furtive, closet, covert, stealthy

Can you guess out my secret plan? My plan can’t be known or seen by others. But, when someone has a plan to conceal what they do, it is being better to use the word “secretive” as their secretive deal will be brought to light one day. In case of guilt or disguise it is “furtive” as his crime was detected through his furtive eyes. Regarding our own secrecy it’s better with “closet” as nobody knows that he is a closet alcoholic. It’s common to see someone not displaying or knowing something openly and that’s the meaning said in the word “covert” as his covert plan is competing against the rival and not disclosed in the report. When this secrecy is cautiously carried out, it’s best used with “stealthy” as most of today jet plane fighters are of the stealthy technology.

6. Clandestine, underground, undercover, underhanded, surreptitious

The opponents have been holding clandestine meetings for days-i.e these meetings are planned to be kept secret. Those who worked underground or hid away in the dark have done it. But, police has cleverly assigned undercover agents to keep track of its activities. These men took secret work for investigation and hardly carried out underhanded operations or in dishonest way. They were authorized to do so; on the contrary their activities would become surreptitious.

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