The word “NERVOUS” can be used in the form of adjectives as those below listed but they can be classified into varied formation based on the suffixes. They must have discriminated meanings in different contexts.

1. Nervous

a. Feeling threatened by problem

b. Feeling threated at work

c. Feeling threated all the time

d. Feeling threatened in relationship

2. Anxious

a. Feeling uncertain about life

b. Feeling uncertain about future

c. Feeling uncertain about friendship

d. Feeling uncertain about an imminent outcome

3. Fretful

a. Feeling slightly sick

b. Feeling slightly angry

c. Feeling slightly nauseous

d. Feeling slightly under the weather

4. Restive

a. Not being able to keep quiet

b. Not being able to keep silent

c. Not being able to keep control

d. All are correct

5. Peevish

a. Feeling slightly angry about unimportant things

b. Feeling slightly angry about trouble

c. Feeling slightly angry about future

d. Feeling slightly angry about past

6. Snappish

a. Feeling slightly angry in a covert manner

b. Feeling slightly angry in a hidden  manner

c. Feeling slightly angry in a smart manner

d. Feeling slightly angry in a curt manner

7. Waspish

a. Ready to express anger

b. Ready to express respect

c. Ready to express hatred

d. Ready to express thanks

8. Pettish

a. Feeling angry in a candid way

b. Feeling angry in a smart way

c. Feeling angry in a childish way

d. Feeling angry in a childlike way

9. Petulant

a. Feeling continuously angry

b. Feeling abruptly angry

c. Feeling suddenly angry

d. Feeling persistently angry

10. Querulous

a. Feeling angry in a complaining cry

b. Feeling angry in an annoying cry

c. Feeling angry in a whining cry

d. All are correct

ANSWERS: 1. a 2. d 3. b 4. d 5. a 6. d 7. a 8. c 9. c 10. d


  1. He’s usually moody and __________ by showing no sign of dissatisfaction.
  2. Some of his friends don’t ask him to go out because of his _________behavior to resent any affront very quickly.
  3. She became __________and lingered there for a while to ask for a meeting with the office chief.
  4. A _________ person can’t take that position as a doorkeeper.
  5. Most students are ___________about their exams.
  6. A ___________horse is thought to do wonder in a long journey.
  7. She was inclined to be a __________manager and wasn’t ask to lead any team.
  8. He looks so friendly but ___________at any attitude of disrespect.
  9. That woman becomes too _________to the neighbor with no greetings due to a tiny misunderstanding.
  10. Being too arrogant used to make him __________ and losing lots of good friends.

ANSWERS: 1. petulant 2. waspish 3. querulous 4. nervous 5. anxious 6. restive 7. snappish 8. fretful 9. pettish 10. peevish


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