One truth has lost for centuries



One truth has lost for centuries

Mockeries of humanity and mercy

Sufficiently demonstrated

Concentratedly induced

Making people enslaved into false belief;

In such a brainwashing committed

By despicable religions everywhere on Earth,

Beatened, punished and mercilessly hammered

People disarmed to live in implicit obedience;

To create insanity in their mind all the time

Element of terror and chaos of brutality

Must be continually maintained

In the form of defamation

Through contamination of youth

Attacking the characters and morals of people;

Mass media used as the foremost weapon

Music inducing disguised relaxation

New ideas emerging upon suppressing doubt and resistance

Former beliefs and values denounced to be sinful

Long and confusing lectures implanting illogical contemplation

Conformity to the group removing individualty

The bridges to the past being burned to cause more dependence

Soul being destroyed to keep loyal and obedient

People’s thought controlled and abused

To conform to the wishes of the manipulators


  1. Fathomless, unfathomable, unfathomed

–          Too obscure to be understood

–          Incapable of being fully understood

–          Not fully understood

  1. His description was full of fathomless terms that made audience allured into misunderstanding between what is right or wrong.
  2. Who has made the evidence disappear is the unfathomed question to investigators.
  3. For millenia people have made so many expeditions to explore the unfathomable depth of the ocean.
  1. Endless, unending

–          Having no end

–          Having no end in case of unpleasant events

  1. Taking a look at the rail in distance, you the railroad trestle appear to be endless.
  2. Unending poverty has menaced children across the world.
  1. Relentless, unrelenting

–          Harshly constant

–          Not letting up in energy

  1. The relentless heat of the desert looks like the unyieldingly severe persecution.
  2. It’s hard to find out the unrelenting opponent to racial genocide on the world battleground.
  1. Careless, uncaring, uncared

–          Not giving sufficient attention

–          Not displaying sympathy

–          Not properly looked after

  1. He feels sorry for the careless remark in his explanation.
  2. His uncaring attitude did not win him anything good for a promotion.
  3. It’s sad to see the garden be too long uncared after his faraway trip.
  1. Disinterested, uninterested, indifferent

–          Feeling no interest

–          Not concerned

–          Having no particular interest

  1. His mom was so disinterested in his progess that she visited the school once.
  2. I’m totally uninterested in fashion.
  3. Why does he have such an indifferent attitude toward others’sufferings?
  1. Emotionless, unemotional

–          Showing no feeling

–          Showing no strong feeling

  1. Emotionless eyes say more about his sorrow.
  2. The contest really needs unemotional assessment for the best result.
  1. Tasteless, distasteful

–          Devoid of good taste

–          Causing dislike

  1. They have lived in a houseful of tasteless furnishings.
  2. Such a shady, distasteful man usually lives in cynicism.
  1. Passionless, impassive

–          Lacking in strong emotion

–          Not showing emotion

  1. We don’t believe in my eyes that the group is full of passionless faces.
  2. Experienced doctors working in an emergency room have impassive sensation to pain.
  1. Distrust, mistrust

–          The feeling on whether others can be relied or not.

–          The doubt on whether to trust or not.

1. Would you have any distrust on the story about UFO?

  1. Distrust is based on experience but mistrust on confidence.
  1. Unsavory, insalubrious

–          Unpleasant to taste

–          Unfavorable to health

  1. He has disgusted at having unsavory meals done by himself living single for years.
  2. No food can be insalubrious unless we don’t know how to process its nutrition.
  1. Numberless, unnumbered, innumerable

–          Too great to be numbered

–          Not assigned in a number

–          Too great to be numbered hyperbolically

  1. Numberless death has come to the Middle East as it’s never been able to be reported.
  2. It’s easy to see the unnumbered amount of persons not accounted into the booklet for taxation as the source of corruption.
  3. How could we count down the innumerable stars in the sky!
  1. Measureless, immeasurable

–          Having no observable limit

–          Too extreme to measure

  1. No one could understand the measureless control persecuted over the mind through mass media.
  2. Those who can comprehend the immeasurable suffering of people have never taken part in politics in modern times.
  1. Countless, incalculable

–          Too great to be counted

–          Too great to be estimated

  1. Countless apologies has proved that this authority has no name to be empowered of any leadership.
  2. Quantum physics discovers the incalculable changes in a second of universe breath.
  1. Fruitless, unfruitful, infertile, futile, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficient, inefficacious

–          Not leading to success

–          Not producing a value

–          Not able to reproduce

–          Not having a useful result

–          Not having a desired result

–          Not having a desired ability

–          Not having the desired use of resources

–          Not having the desired effect for a target

  1. This has been a fruitless research due to inaccurate data.
  2. They have chopped down all these unfruitful trees.
  3. Infertile dog is usually having inability of sex.
  4. Their attempt to renegotiate the contract is futile.
  5. The manager was assessed ineffective due to a lack of artistic communication.
  6. She was neglectful and ineffectual as a parent.
  7. He has just purchased an old and inefficient factory.
  8. Most of faked pills are inefficacious in curing a disease.
  1. Limitless, unlimited, illimitable

–          Without limit

–          Not limited in terms of quantiy

–          Impossible to limit

  1. People have limitless ambition for making money.
  2. Modern tyrannists have unlimited power in mind control.
  3. Modern terrorists have been brainwashed to commit illimitable crime.
  1. Unspeakable, unspoken

–          Not able to express in words

–          Without being spoken

  1. She felt an unspeakable tenderness on the kid.
  2. We know that unspoken power has been used to lead the world through out historic events.
  1. Matchless, unmatched

–          Unable to be equaled

–          Not corresponding

  1. There’s no matcheless beauty on Earth because it can be known in one’s own concept.
  2. He was surprised at seeing a drawer full of unmatched socks.
  1. Wireless, unwired

–          Using radio signal

–          Disconnected from electronic system

  1. Wireless internet access is popular in café for free charge.
  2. Unwired network operators often buy commercial time from independent television stations.
  1. Untrue, untruthful, untrustworthy

–          Not being right to what happens

–          Not being right to what is true

–          Not being relied

  1. Their suggestion to this change is totally untrue.
  2. The candidate’s statement was untruthful and later corrected.
  3. The company treasurer whom we have worked with was entirely untrustworthy.
  1. Undependable, independent

–          Not easily relied

–          Not depending on others

  1. They have provided us scarce and undependable evidence.
  2. In old age it’s hard for us to remain independent.

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