Learn 70 Difficult Synonyms With Duc Thanh Wood Processing Company Products

difficult-synonyms-with-duc-thanh-wood-processing-company-productsDuc Thanh Wood Processing Joint Stock Company offers kitchenware consisting of cutting boards, trivets, bread cutting boards and bread boxes, trays, coasters and mug trees, spice racks, wooden spoons and forks, salad bowls, and other products; and houseware comprising magazine racks, CD and DVD racks, wine racks, key holders, cloth hangers, and other products. The company also provides household products comprising book stands, magazine racks, kitchen trolleys, cloth stands, and key holders; and furniture for interior decoration, such as tables, chairs.

Board, plank, slab, beam, panel, lath, strip, log, peg, timber, lumber
Cutting board, vinyl plank, concrete slab, floor beam, patch panel, metal lath, quilt strip, log bench, perego peg, decking timber, redwood lumber

Sideboard, cupboard, switchboard, panelboard
Small sideboard, antique cupboard, electrical switchboard, distribution panelboard

Kitchware, ironware, metalware, flatware, silverware, tableware, hollowware, earthenware, stoneware
Funky kitchenware, enameled ironware, plastic flatware, disposable silverware, picnic tableware, hotel hollowware, embossed earthenware, French stoneware

Box, container, case, chest, packet, carton, package, strongbox, punnet, crate, pack, trunk, bin, casket, coffer, portmanteau, receptacle, rectangle, square, frame, cubicle, stall, booth, compartment, enclosure
Box of pencils, container of salt, case of beer, chest of drawers, packet of yeast, carton of cigarrettes, package of bees, strongbox of treasure, punnet of berries, crate of wine, pack of cigarrettes, trunk of clothes, bin of apples, casket of sapphires, coffer of artifacts, pormanteau of names, receptacle of fruit, rectangle of lights, square of shingles, frame of mind, cubicle of love, stall of motor, booth of bones, compartment of thigh, enclosure of doom

Tray, platter, plate, dish, paten, disc, disk, trencher, trolley
Tray of pizza, platter of sushi, plate of cookies, dish of salt, disk of galaxy, trencher of bread, trolley of crane

Rick, stand, framework, holder, shelf, bed, arbor, bracket, ledge, perch, trestle
Rick of wood, stand of oaks, framework of analysis, holder of note, shelf of books, bed of roses, arbor of plainfield, bracket of braces, ledge of rock, trestle of hair

Spoon, spoonful, scoop, trowel, dipper, ladle, club, niblick, dollop
Spoon of vinegar, spoonful of sugar, scoop of mulch, trowel of cement, dipper of stars, lalde of cinnamon, club of cards, niblick of iron, dollop of daisy,

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