Describe an important letter that you have received.

One day I have received a letter with the inccorect first name but the correct last name. It even had my township and metropolitan range correct.It was a two-page hand-written letter from a man in America. I tried to comprehend what it said but it didn’t make sense and some of the handwriting was questionable; so I was not sure of how exactly some words were spelt. I did noticed at the bottom there was a spot with her return address as well as an envelope stamped with her name and address. It was really weird that in the letter he said about love, loyalty, parenthood, family reunion. There might be some private matters discussed to leave Vietnam for settled immigration in the U.S.A. Truly did I not know anyone by that name in my neighborhood.

It sounded that he had attempted to search for a missing relative during the war. Curiosity matters and I got to ask for the history of my current house where I have been living since the day the war ended in April 1975. My house was known to be changing in ownerships several times. My father also told me about the campaign agreed between the two governments on the Amerasians settlement after the war. Vietnam war veterans have tried to find their children born in Vietnam to them and left back after the end of the war. The man writing this letter might be one of these American soldiers got a certain girl pregnant and she was loyal but he had no chance to contact her again because he thought he would have been killed. Now, it might have been about time to search his past through just a ghost of chance of reunion.


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