Somebody could guess that he would return because he had given a brusque greeting. The greeting was quickly and ungraciously done. His abrupt change of the subject has surprised all of the attendants. It’s a really sudden and unexpected change! But if he takes an unenthusiastic attitude, he will look lukewarm.


His reply was curt or done in a quick and impolite way. But, his reply was terse or sparing in the use of words. In such a sparing but stern way the synonym “gruff” is better for this context. Behind his gruff exterior is his affable manner. Regarding style of speech using very few words implies a laconic figure as his lack of interest in the topic is suggested in the laconic reply. In writing or speaking it’s better to use succinct or clearly and briefly expressed sentences. But, it’s brief and giving a lot of information as concise English.


In a forceful and concise expression pithy is the best word for usage. In a comprehensive and concise presentation it’s as compendious as his study on social changes during economic recessions. Don’t mistake this word with compact as it’s a compact or neatly packed cluster of nice houses. This presentation looks so small and the better word is thumbnail as he’s ready to give a thumbnail sketch of political atmosphere.


It’s also concise but cleverly amusing to be epigrammatic or it’s also brief but not thoroughly detailed to be cursory, not having a thorough effort to be perfunctory, not having a strict focus to be desultory. From a cursory glance at her and her perfunctory nod he has danced in a desultory fashion to attract her but she stood off. Not having a complete determination is lackadaisical as the statesman looked too lackadaisical and adrift in the second election race.




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