Match each of term in its pertaining meaning to one among the below definitions in order

1. Sabbatean, zionist, kabbalist, satanist, talmudist
– Adherent to Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676)
– Adherent to the protection of current Israel
– Adherent to mysterious art and esoteric doctrine
– Adherent to the worship of Satan
– Adherents to the opinions of thousands of Jewish rabbis without any proven truth
2. Rabbi, priest, clergyman, minister, pastor, parson, vicar, rector, chaplain, reverend, curate, cleric, ecclesiastic
– One who is chosen as a Jewish religious leader
– One who is chosen as a Catholic, Orthodox or Anglican religious leader
– One who is chosen as a Christian religious leader
– One who is chosen as a Protestant religious leader
– One who is in charge of a church
– One who is a member of Protestant clergy
– One who represents a Catholic bishop
– One who is in charge of a Catholic administrative district
– One who is in charge of a private army forces church
– One who is a member of a clergy
– One who is an assistant to a rector
– One who is a member of Muslim clergy
– One who is a member of a holy order
3. Cult, sect, clan, clique, faction, coterie
– A small group of the same faith or practice regarded sinister by others
– A small group of the same faith and practice separated from a larger one
– A small group of the same bloodline with a strong common interest
– A small group of the same common interests not allowing others to join
– A small group of the same politics
– A small group of shared interests exclusive of others
4. Sedition, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, insurgency, uprising
– Instigating fight against a state
– Instigating fight against a proper state by its group of soldiers
– Instigating fight against an established ruler
– Instigating fight to end an established ruler
– Instigating fight to end an established ruler in a well organized mechanism
– The act of taking arms against an established ruler
5. Sin, crime, debauchery, turpitude, depravity, degeneracy
– An immoral act
– An unlawful act prosecuted by a state
– An immoral act through sexual pleasure
– Wickedness
– Moral corruption
– Losing moral quality

6. Messianic, hallowed, pietistic, seraphic
– Fervent
– Revered
– Devoted
– Purified
7. Satanic, cruel, demonic, infernal, fiendish
– Extremely wicked
– Willfully causing pain
– Extremely frenzied
– Of a hell
– Extremely cruel
8. Occultism, cabalism, ontologism, spiritualism
– Belief in a mysterious agency
– Misconception of the nature
– Immediate cognition of God
– Communication with the dead through medium
9. Heresy, schism, apostasy, atheism, profanation, sacrilege
– Contrary belief to the orthodox doctrine
– Split between two sects
– Renunciation of a religious doctrine
– Disbelief of God
– Disrespect of something sacred
– Violation on something sacred
10. Chameleon, charlatan, backstabber, opportunist, pretender
– One who changes mind upon varied situations
– One who claims to have a skill
– A traitor
– One who gains immediate advantage
– One who claims a title

11. Infiltrate, intrude, penetrate, permeate, impregnate
– Get in to acquire secret information
– Get in without invitation
– Get in to spy on a group
– Spread throughout
– Make a woman pregnant
12. Subvert, overthrow, undermine, topple
– Damage the power of an establishment government
– Remove from power
– Weaken the base
– Cause to be unsteady
13. Tyranny, autocracy, dictatorship, fascism, terrorism, oligrachy, xenophobia
– Cruel rule
– Absolute power
– Power obtained by force
– Intolerant view
– Cruel violence on civilians
– A small group controlling a government
– Extreme hatred to foreigners
14. Orgy, bout, splurge, debauch, indulgence
– Unrestrained sexual activity
– Intense activity
– Spending freely
– Excessive sexual pleasure
– Pleasure causing negative consequences
15. Sexual, erotic, voluptuous, bestial, carnal
– Individual attractive instincts in gender
– Arousing sexual desire
– Sexually attractive
– Savagely depraved
– Of sexual needs

16. Adultery, infidelity, cheating, immorality, fornication
– Sexual intercourse by a married person with not a spouse
– Unfaithful status to a spouse
– Dishonesty taken to gain an advantage
– Wickedness
– Sexual intercourse between not married persons
17. Incest, inbreeding, interbreeding
– Sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild
– Breeding from closely related people or animals, especially over many generations
– Breeding with another of a different race or species
18. Holocaust, carnage, massacre, inferno, genocide
– A Jewish massacre on a large scale completely burned as a sacrifice on an altar
– The killing of a large number of people
– Brutal slaughter of people
– A large fire out of control
– The killing of a large particular people
19. Ritual, rite, stereotype, liturgy, protocol, sacrament
– Religious ceremony as performed on an prescribed order
– Religious act
– A widely held image of a person
– A public religious worship
– The system of governing rules
– A spiritual outward sign
20. Lodge, abode, auberge, cottage, chalet, den
– A secret meeting place
– A place of stay
– A place providing accommodation
– A small house near a lake
– A wooden house
– A wild animal habitation


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