The phrasal verb “come into” means to receive something suddenly and often appears in such colloquial expressions as come into view, sight, play, being, contact, inheritance etc. Sight is used to mean the faculty of seeing but view is meant to see something in a particular place. For instance, far in the distance a mountain peak comes into sight. The prospect of the latest war truce seems to come into view on the negotiation table. With preposition “to” the phrasal verb “come to” means to make progress to a goal. This idea of making change to our office came to me in my trip to the Brownstone Group. It can be used as one word verb to mean recover consciousness. It took him one year to come to after the shock of his own scandal. “Come to light” denotes being gradually known or evident in public. The truth of the shadow government has come to light on the threshold of world crisis on faith. “Make the scene” means appearing suddenly in case of a public disturbance or excited emotional incident. He was making the scene when the hotel receptionist lost his room reservation. “Come on the scene” does the same but in case of anxiety. Children couldn’t have a wild party because their parents came on the scene.

The meaning of a sudden appearance in a forcible way the verb “come forthmeans a dear one. All of their failure had to come forth after years of managerial dilapidation. “Go forth” makes out a real appearance as soldiers are going forth to the false-flag battle unbelievably unknown by themselves. Bring forth means make something appear in a prospective way. The weird attitude to society has just brought forth with this new type of music. The sudden appearance can be also with “come into being” and “bring into being”. These two phrasal verbs have their discriminated meaning in the existence by birth and the development in mind. No creature can come into being without light. The new trend of UFO fantasy has been brought into being in these episodes of star trek.


Anything appears naturally and this meaning can be described with the verb “take place”. This meaning going with an experience is described in “happen”.  “Take shape” also defines a definite development in appearance. The verb “occur” means a particular set of conditions necessary for this appearance. In secrecy does this appearance come to be meant as “transpire”. As an actual fact this appearance is described in “materialize”.

Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary. The forecast data about the hurricane hasn’t _____________. In a sport news a complex web of money laundry has been ___________. The Vietnam war _____________under a false-flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. Two years of approbation has passed and some precious lessons have_________. Love in an instant at first sight ____________as a coup de foudre. In a few months of debate the latest legislation on migration begins ___________.

Some phrasal verbs having this meanings have tested ingenuity of learners for years as a kind of enigma in English. A state or condition starts to happen means “come on”. A feeling or manner starts to affect means “come over”. A change starts to happen means “come about”. Something forcibly happening is said in “come forth”. A fact starts to be known means as “come out”.

Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary. It _________that the website has published a lot of secret news about the nuclear war. Nothing ________excepting for his diehard opposition. Intelligence plots have _____________among military multinationals producing the latest jet planes. Dishonesty _________at any place where money tells. They are feeling a conflict ___________.

Another group of special phrasal verbs can confuse learners seriously and be used in particular context. “Bob up” means starting to appear in quick movements. “Crop up” denotes an unexpected notice. “Pop up” means that a view is starting to appear. In case of a sequence of happenings “time in” is more often used for an appearance. Otherwise, this appearance is more often late in appearance and “roll in” should make a point in this case. As for a check on appearance in employment “punch in” makes the best usage. Particularly, this check takes place very quickly and easily; “breeze in “ describes it in a pithy context; or “blow in” can be used to mean an unannounced and casual appearance.

Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary. People knew him because he used to ________and say hello. Patrol police _________ and took notice of their monitor. The car breakdown made her not _____________this morning. Every day he leaves too early and ________by late night. The second air strike ___________as it did several times in the past. Her mom’s images __________from time to time. This summit conference __________in urgency as the news said. A very little head of a snake __________in the pond.

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