Remember Troublesome Words!



1. Prosody means:

a. The study of music notes

b. The study of virtual function

c. The study of car race court

d. The study of poetic meters

2. Versification means:

a. Changing word into phrase

b. Changing prose into metrical form

c. Changing analog into digital code

d. Changing sound into signal

3. Rime means:

a. Character of handshake

b. Character of face line

c. Character of alphabets

d. Character of body shape

4. Rune means:

a. Mark of mystery

b. Mark of recognition

c. Mark of haste

d. Mark of tardiness

5. Paean means:

a. Expression of joy

b. Expression of sorrow

c. Expression of anger

d. Expression of suspicion


ANSWERS: 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. a



1. Ballatry means:

a/ The art of writing letters
b/ The art of singing hyms
c/ The art of perming ballad
d/ he art of learning language

2. Poesy means:

  1. The body of water
    The body of a poem
    The body of lies
    The body of roof

3. Verse means:

  • Writing in third person
    Writing in metrical rhythm
    Writing in Spainish
    Writing on the wall

4. Doggerel means:

a. Badly defined

b. Badly formed

c. Badly ventilated

d. Badly versed


ANSWERS: 1. c 2. b 3. b 4. d



1. Canto means:

a. Division of labor

b. Division of powers

c. Division of a poem

d. Division of revenue

2. Strophe means:

a. Free poem construct

b. Free poem analysis

c. Free poem contest

d. Free poem writer

3. Couplet means:

a. Couple of kids

b. Couple of meaning

c. Couple of nuts

d. Couple of poem lines

4. Triplet means:

a. Three of coins

b. Three of pentacles

c. Three of rods

d. Three of same

5. Rhyme means:

a. Corresponding sound

b. Corresponding angles

c. Corresponding numbers

d. Corresponding elements


ANSWERS: 1. c 2. a 3. d 4. d




1. Rhythm means:

a. Repeated addition

b. Repeated pattern

c. Repeated sound

d. Repeated dreams

2. Ode means:

a. Irregular choice

b. Irregular meters

c. Irregular lines

d. Irregular periods

3.Cadence means:

a. Rhythm of love

b. Rhythm of rain

c. Rhythm of voice

d. Rhythm of dance

4. Cadency means:

a. Improvised explosives

b. Improvised arrangement

c. Improvised guns

d. Improvised vice


ANSWERS: 1. c 2. b 3. c 4. b



1. Pulse means:

a. Short burst of anger

b. Short burst of sound

c. Short burst of depression

d. Short burst of pain

2. Pulsation means:

a. Recurrence of flu

b. Recurrence of cough

c. Recurrence of rhythm

d. Recurrence of fever

3. Pace means:

a. Constant speed of movement

b. Constant speed of acceleration

c. Constant speed of light

d. Constant speed of light

4. Throb means:

a. Strong and steady class

b. Strong and steady prevention

c. Strong and steady pulse

d. Strong and steady rise

5. Thud means:

a. Dull and heavy pain

b. Dull and heavy leg

c. Dull and heavy sound

d. Dull and heavy fall

6. Thump means:

a.  Dull and heavy feeling

b. Dull and heavy fist

c. Dull and heavy ache

d. Dull and heavy head


ANSWERS: 1. b 2. c 3. a 4. c 5.d 6. b




1.Velocity means:

a. The speed on treadmill

b. The speed on a speedometer

c. The speed on a direction

d. The speed on test

2.Rapidity means:

a. Moving at the speed of light

b. Moving at a glacier speed

c. Moving with great speed

d. Moving at word

3. Speed means:

a. The rate of moving

b. The rate of moving quickly

c. The rate of moving a house

d. The rate of moving rocks

4. Haste means:

a. Excessive blinking

b. Excessive perspiration

c. Excessive hunger

d. Excessive urgency

5. Swiftness means:

a. Performed with preparation

b. Performed without delay

c. Performed without omissions

d. Performed without words

6. Alacrity means:

a. Brisk and cheerful anxiety

b. Brisk and cheerful clue

c. Brisk and cheerful movement

d. Brisk and cheerful readiness


ANSWERS: 1. c 2. c 3. a 4. d 5. b 6. d



1. Tone means:

a. The general dispatch

b. The general quality

c. The general public

d. The general review

2. Tune means:

a. The general melody

b. The general number

c. The general history

d. The general election

3. Tenor means:

a. The highest pitched voice

b. The highest paid voice

c. The highest adult voice

d. The highest recorder voice

4. Theme means:

a. The subject of a sentence

b. The subject of a report

c. The subject of a context

d. The subject of philosophy

5. Gist means:

a. The essence of anthropology

b. The essence of beauty

c. The essence of Christianity

d. The essence of a text

6. Timbre means:

a. The distinct intensity

b. The distinct factor

c. The distinct edge

d. The distinct group

7. Ambience means:

a. The best atmosphere

b. The best love

c. The best show

d. The best way

8. Vibes means:

a. The welfare state

b. The judiciary state

c. The emotional state

d. The volunteer state

9. Setting means:

a. The type of unemployment

b. The type of alcohol

c. The tpe of trait

d. The type of surroundings

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