CES 2023, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the U.S,  makes the world go smaller on a unique stage with breakthrough technologies and global innovators. World economic mobility requires sharpest innovators, providing bold solutions and aims at seeking for unprecedented opportunity to find the next big idea. Consumer technology touches almost all aspects of business, work and life from baby tech to sports tech, and from home entertainment to smart cities.

This year, tech megashow has broken through with emerging tech like drones, electric vehicles, green tech, Web3, Wireless TV, delivery robots and in-car VR, promises and limitations in driverless cars. digital assets, AI gadgets that can advance societies and help countries grow powerfully. CES®, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is the most influential tech event in the world, has seen the CES SHOW 2023 drawing over 100,000 attendees up from around 40,000 in 2022.

Entire halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) feature specific technologies and solutions in one section. A U.N. partner, the World Academy of Art and Science appears to confirm how tech is solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. The LVCC Grand Lobby is for conferences and features that include Gary’s Book Club. CES Tech Talk is focused on the tech events and advancements that are changing consumers’ lives. The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products at the highest rated in each.

This time becomes first in the CES history the growing global population has hit the stage challening its problems of purpose-driven sustainability and advancements in technology. The show represents how the future of mobility can merge the real and virtual worlds through the ultimate digital driving machine. The world economy is transforning to require equal measures of creativity, personalization and humanity in meeting the consumer’s not attention but imagination. Devoted followers and fans must be won in their heart and mind.

Bringing green energy to people’s everyday life with its expertise in solar technology is featured in the CES with the Ultra-Charging System, easily transportable, ideal for entry-level outdoor enthusiasts. Computing demands are facing a thermal dilemma already resolved with Immersion Cooling Solutions designed to increase heat dissipation efficiency in the CES show. Decarbonizing electronics and reducing battery used in smart home devices don’t need to be replaced during the useful life of the product

The CES can propel any brand, creator, or idea such as making mobility clean, safe and affordable for all. It also leads engaged community to living with visionaries such as in-person care going with virtual diagnostic and other tools for a more holistic and accessible process to achieve better health outcomes. Economic growth require free trade and CES Show will explore its importance and go deeper into what’s working and what policies governments should adopt to support emerging technologies. The SelectUSA program at the U.S. Department of Commerce is actually making its impact; and this show exposes why the United States is an attractive location for international investment and innovations.


PERSUADE-reason, argument

  • persuade her to stop eating meat
  • persuade him to her point of view
  • persuade the party to support him
  • persuade them to use peaceful means
  • persuade the doctor to sign the medical certificate


  • convince them to believe in the theory
  • the evidence convincing me
  • convince her that you are credible
  • convince her that these are thieves
  • convince those who regard it as a brutality


  • the substance inducing vomiting
  • the song inducing frenzy
  • steam can induce porosity
  • aerodynamic force induces vibrations
  • hormones injected to induce premature birth

ENTICE-pleasure or advantage

  • entice the readers to reard adverts
  • the wrapped packages enticing thieves
  • the aim at enticing as many customers as possible
  • entice him from employment
  • entice them by giving money

SEDUCE-in a foolhardy way

  • seduce women, the innocent even the skeptics
  • seduce not the common nut the professional
  • loving seduces them into slavery
  • blandishments seducing them really
  • fear seducing them from a bear


  • encourage children to learn English
  • encourage creative writing
  • encourage politicians to rethink their measure
  • encourage customers to spend more
  • encourage more lucrative investments


  • hearten soldiers in the battle against invaders
  • hearten their colleauges in repelling rival attacks
  • a good way to hearten him
  • hearten yourself for a higher progress
  • what can hearten a city in urbanization

INSPIRIT-spirit, vigor

  • inspirit the start of the race
  • inspirit the students’creativity
  • inspirit inspiration to more transformations
  • the old culture inspirited to reach to its inheritable value
  • no philosophy coming back to inspirit her


  • motivate researchers into more explorations
  • helping motivate a gamble bet
  • motivate us to the truthseeker’s goal
  • where to find charisma to motivate players
  • tips motivating waitstaffs to provide better services

STIMULATE-interest, activity

  • body movement stimulating bowel activity
  • a lotion developed to stimulate hair growth
  • acupuncture used to stimulate endorphins for emotional restoration
  • architecture aimed at stimulating artwork in decoration
  • stimulate active transport by means of computerization

INVIGORATE-more vitality

  • skin invigorated by use of various oils
  • cutting stems helping invigorate shape restoration for plants
  • a market square designed to invigorate the city’s business
  • invigorating economy with stabilized supplies
  • beer said to invigorate blood as a property

ENLIVEN-renewed life

  • how to enliven the soul of a victim
  • enlivening the narrative by a real documentary
  • the streets enlivened with nicely-scaled front porches
  • the animation aided by digital powerful tools to enliven everything
  • such a bored and weary mind to be enlivened with diversified avenues of entertainment

INSPIRE-accomplishment of a goal

  • the words inspiring the heart of patriot
  • inspire people to revive sports
  • inspire the media to revive traditions
  • public servants inspired to improve confidence
  • exceptional directos knowing how to inspire employees

GALVANIZE-trigger into action

  • political leadership used to galvanize people
  • the opposition easily galvanized by media
  • no image galvanized to mislead people out of resistance
  • ecological tales ever used to galvanize people to action
  • the secret of this world coming from how to galvanize the mass

TANTALIZE-the sight of unobtainable thing

  • tantalize people by use of IT gadgets never hitting the shelves
  • movies used as a means of tantalizing the senses into imagination
  • the devine ever tantalizing and eluding imagination as an artist’s skill
  • the messages as the wily wordsmiths to tantalize people
  • the sight of tantalizing dishes in hearty, nutritious and delectable tastes

TITILLATE-in a sexual, sensuous or tasty way

  • the ultimate use of sex-tinged story to titillate audience
  • each act or motion in movie used to titillate the viewer
  • to titillate or sensationalize making a slanted propaganda
  • the culture intricately designed to titillate people’s desire through exotic art forms
  • this reality misdisplayed in seductive and temptation-filled dimension

ROUSE-provoke into activity

  • the song rousing him out of glum state
  • to rouse people in opposition by persnickety gossipmongers
  • no time to rouse compatriots from their apathy with smooth patter and startling revelation
  • these words kept uncluttered of any urge to rouse easy emotions
  • how to rouse people’s ardor to invest

AROUSE-instigate into feeling or emotion

  • changes of passion used to arouse the listener’s feeling
  • apprehension together with anxiety aroused through economic chaos
  • the wretched circumstances more arousing interest, sympathy and understanding
  • readers aroused in caring and thinking with the writer’s skill
  • arousing deep hatred with nationalistic sentiment


TRIGGER-a situation or event

EXHILARATE-deluge of energy

ELATE-full of pride


INCITE-unlawful action

INSTIGATE-something bad

IMPEL-move forward

COMPEL-by use of force


ENCHANT-magical charm

RAVISH-carnal pleasure in disapproval

ENRAPTURE-capture of a spell


ENTHRALL-into slavery

CAPTIVATE-romantic effect

FASCINATE-in a single thought



INTRIGUE-secret curiosity

PROVOKE-unwelcome reaction


ELICIT-a fact



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