The Disguised Killer In Each Home!/learn 30 Phrasal Verb Synonyms

Bioelectricity generated by neurons has created our thought, sensation and action. These electrical signals are transmitted through complex neutral circuits inside our skull. They also generate electric fields radiating out of brain tissues as electrical waves. These waves draw the line between life and death. As a result, there has been a secret technique that used electromagmetic radiation beamed into a person’s brain to jam or excite particular brain circuits. It is also called the sixth sense and can be responsive to control.

This technology uses a combination of psychotronics devices known asSilent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) that has been fully operational since the early 1990s. A high-power radio frequency transmitter facility is operated in the high frequency (HF) band. A network of ground waves transmitters were built across a region. Then, microwave cell phone towers and the High Definition TV in each home deliberately change the state of consciousness of millions of people. This method differs from home or class education as the information is concealed from learners.

This technology has created so severe effects in mind control that 200,000 Iraqi troops surrended in 1991 en masse without firing even a single shot against US led coalition forces. Surrenders looked like compliant children and felt grateful to still be alive in the wake of their mind-wrenching experience.

The process of deep mind control involves several steps. Scanning the targeted individuals’ mind helps establish a schedule of attention patterns. The targeted victims couldn’t know and were controlled in distance. Then, the introduction of ideas, the presentation of influential imagery, and emotional influence of behavioral choices must all be concealed in intrusion. Habitual sexual fantasizing provides a smooth entry point for the insertion of thoughts and that is the reason why pornography has been so hugely consumed online until now. Sexual taboos provide external thought intrusions with an ideal place to hide.

No matter which types of media presentations are used; strong sexual and violent content are particularly effective. Because these themes reduce internal reflective activity to a minimum. That gives the broadwave broadcast some space to get in and influence minds without interrupting real-time conscious thinking.

We can list out the media categories targeted as vehicles for mass thought control –TV series, mainstream news, popular novels, films of similar theme, film series, video and computer games, online interactive games, social networking websites, political slogans, religious campaigns, popular music, advertisements, diet fads, fashion trends, and pornography. As destined to be vital and vibrant human being as the Divine Creator we are now being turned into a zombie or robotic or controlled entity living as the creature living in apathetic state with this synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound. Earth is wrapped in a doughnut shaped magnetic field and global masters have used this field to prevent us from going united to turn the tide.


  1. Get over, go over, look over, gloss over, pass over
  1. Overcome in recovery. You can getb over breakups with meditation or prayers.
  2. Check carefully. It took him ten minutes to go over the report before its hand-in.
  3. Examine quickly. He looks over the letter to see who has sent it.
  4. Avoid quickly. He glossed over the mistake by skipping two sentences in his speech.
  5. Disregard quickly. We had to stay back to find out what had made him pass over these important data.
  1. Flip through, skim through, browse through
  1. Look at reading material casually. She just flipped through the phone book and picked a lawyer.
  2. Look at something quickly for understanding. Set a time to skim through the report for spelling mistakes!
  3. Look at reading material curiously. This is confidential; so throw it away in case of being browsed through by someone.
  1. Leaf through, riffle through, glance through
  1. Go through page to page. He used to leaf through newspapers while eating breakfast.
  2. Search something quickly. Rifling the medicine cabinet, I tried to find something to soothe the wicked headache.
  3. Quickly look at the contents. Would you please glance through this news when you have time?
  1. Get through, live through, go through, run through, pass through
  1. Assist in overcoming a difficulty. They need these practice exercises to get them through the exam.
  2. Survice an unpleasant case. The story tole how he had lived through the terrible escape from the kidnap.
  3. Undergo an experience. He is one of the best bosses going through the worst slowdown in production.
  4. Spend quickly. Time passes so fast in running through this game.
  5. Go quickly place to place. He has passed through his best adventure into how risky life is in this business.
  1. Take five, take a break, have a timeout, come up for air
  1. Have a minute break. It’s smart to take five before taking the hardest work for a long period of time.
  2. Stop doing something for a time. He decided to take a break and do some travelling.
  3. Have a short rest. The kid had a timeout by sitting in the corner for a few minutes.
  4. Have a break time. He came up for the air at the right time before he could die for exhaustion.
  1. Break off, break away, break free, cut loose, split from, pull out
  1. Stop suddenly. No one could understand why he broke off in the middle of his speech.
  2. Cause to separate into pieces. She has broken away from the group due to her family collapse.
  3. Leave forcefully. At last they broke free as this routine came to an end.
  4. Separate from a group. It’s taken him ten years to cut loose from the company with starting a new one.
  5. Separate from a group for growth. They have split from the media group with a new company on real estate.
  6. Withdraw from a duty. Police pulled out and the special task force was in action.

       7. Close one’s eyes to, look the other way, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to

  1. a.      Ignore in pretending not to happen. They couldn’t close their eyes to the disease because it had killed dozens of people.
  2. b.      Ignore wrongdoing. The opponent has agreed to look the other way in the lawsuit.
  3. c.       Pretend not to notice. How could they live in such a way of turning a blind eye to crime.
  4. d.      Refuse to take a response. She got enraged at seeing him turn a deaf ear to her comments.


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