Until now there has been no truth about the Universe; and it is just of a well-known thought! The universe is about 13.8 billion years old while human was being on earth for 800,000 years; and the Big Bang theory was propounded only about 100 years ago. So, the latest evidence in science is making scientists change their base of thought by the time in spite of any propaganda in mass media. What will eventually happen to the universe? The question must have occurred in one form or another to speculative minds since time immemorial.

In the Big Bang model, the universe expanded from a single point of almost infinite gravity and density, and it kept expanding. This is called the inflationary model. This startling idea first appeared in scientific form in 1931, in a paper by Georges Lemaître, a Belgian cosmologist and Jesuit priest. This theory is strongly contradicted by the Steady State Universe theory in stating that the Universe doesn’t have a beginning, nor does it have an end. Instead, it is constantly expanding, however, the overall density stays the same, or in other words, it looks the same all the times. The galaxies, planets, and other forms of matter are always being created. Since the density was the same, the old ones have been becoming unobservable with new creations. This theory was proposed by Sir James Jeans in 1920 and was re-established in 1948 by Hermann Bondi and Thomas Gold.

Brazilian physicist Juliano Cesar Silva Neves is part of a group of researchers who dare to imagine a different origin. He is a researcher at the Mathematics, Statistics & Scientific Computation Institute (IMECC-UNICAMP) of the University of Campinas, Brazil. The Bounce Cosmology theory states that the universe has been undergoing a state of expansion and contraction. One following the other cyclically, bouncing each time eventually shrinks to a certain size. “I believe the Big Bang never happened,” the physicist said.

In the Electric Universe theory, plasma is considered to be an integral part of cosmological events and to the working of the universe itself. The theory proposes that electric currents that flow along plasma filaments shape and power galaxies. The currents stream into stars, powering them like fluorescent bulbs. They induce the births of planets. The Electric Universe theory was first proposed by Hannes Alfvén in the 1930s. Alfvén argued that if plasma pervaded the universe, it could then carry electric currents capable of generating a galactic magnetic field. He later won a Nobel Prize for his work in magnetohydrodynamics.

The Black Hole theory states that our universe originated from a black hole present in another universe. Hence, we are living beyond its event horizon. The Black Hole theory states that our universe originated from a black hole present in another universe. Hence, we are living beyond its event horizon.

It is widely accepted that the creation of the Universe should be attributed to Quantum fluctuations of the vacuum. The Universe was created out of “nothing”, i.e., with no input of initial energy nor mass.



1.Appropriate position as for a doctor

Suitable position to change the situation

Proper position as said in the contract

Fitting position in a network of delivery

Apposite position as unexpectedly assigned

Befitting position taken to meet the vacancy

2.Relevant authority in the discussion

Pertinent authority in case of revolt

Germane authority said the negotiation

Felicitous authority elected by people

Congruous authority enforced in such a democracy

3.Congenial climate to one’s inclination

Compatible climate for planting fruits

Favorable climate for taking a faraway journey

Propitious climate for winning the canoeing contest

Auspicious climate for a future exploration

Providential climate coming at the right time

Advantageous climate for an effective installation

4.Lucrative job giving many good opportunities

Profitable job giving much financial gains

Fruitful job giving many helpful results

Worthwhile job from much effort for seeking

Beneficial job resulting in good purpose

Remunerative job as a high manager

Gainful job for getting richer

5.Fractious boy not easily put in obedience

Obstinate boy not easily changing his mind

Stubborn boy not easily changing his attitude

Mulish boy in outside behavior

Pigheaded boy as doing a stupid thing

Bullheaded boy in doing a thoughtless work

Obdurate boy not easily changing his way of action

Intransigent boy in having an agreement

Single-minded boy in doing only one thing all times

Bloody-minded boy in refusing any cooperation

6.Perverse thinking to accepted practice

Illogical thinking lacking in sense

Irrational thinking losing power of reason

Groundless thinking not based on any good reason

Unreasonable thinking going beyond any limit

7.Stern measure by fining too high

Strict measure by requiring too high obedience

Severe measure with undesirable result

Harsh measure applied in cruel way

Stringent measure applied to precise cases

Rigorous measure with no inflexibility

Austere measure taken to reduce budget deficit

Firm measure taken with no change

Stiff measure having a certain fault

Tough measure requiring a strong determination

Hard-hearted measure not being moved to any pity

Stony-hearted measure applied in extreme cruelty

8.Stony eyes showing no feeling

Frosty eyes of no feeling taken in an attitude

Glacial eyes showing no vitality

Frigid eyes showing no enthusiasm

9.Haughty laugh in showing contempt

Arrogant laugh in showing importance

Conceited laugh in showing pride of oneself

Boastful laugh in self-satisfaction of one’s abilities

Cocky laugh taken in impudent way

Cocksure laugh taken in overconfident way

Smug laugh taken in excessive pride

Wisenheimer laugh in displaying knowledge by making clever remarks

Goody-goody laugh shown by a virtuous man












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