AI assistants can collect, analyze, apply, and learn from data. It helps enhance digital marketing strategies and gain valuable customer insights to increase business revenue. Using such applications as SIRI, Google, Email, Facebook, Alexa, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Pandora, Chatbox are the examples where AI comes into our regular life. AI is already widely used in digital marketing such as pay-per-click advertisements, personalized websites, created content, anticipated behavior.

One of the hottest trends of AI content in 2023 is image generators. The leading engines are Midjourney, DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. You only feed the AI a text prompt, and they give you an image. The platform can interpret and generate into an image. It can create panoramic landscapes or fill in missing details. It’s a valuable tool for photo editing. The platform Midjourney uses advanced machine learning algorithms to produce images that are similar to real-life images, making it an excellent tool for artists, designers, and content creators. For example, this is what you get when you ask Midjourney for a picture of sauce poured on a salad. Canva is a great tool for those who want to create professional-looking images quickly and easily. Craiyon can select from a variety of image styles, including abstract, realistic, and artistic. can generate new images based on the original for artists and designers who are looking for inspiration or new ideas.

These can be used to produce original stock images, banners, color palettes for designers and even logos and fully designed landing pages and websites. Another boiling-hot trend in AI marketing is text-generators. The biggest name is currently ChatGPT, but there are other actors on this stage, including ChatGPT, Jasper, Writer, Hemingway and Grammarly used mainly for editing. It can give you suggestions, ideas, and examples; but depending on the task it could be better to work with a human with specific knowledge and experience on the field, and use it as a complement.



Gathering for a special reason is a fest. This public acitivity can serve a social nature as a fete. The feast requires a plenty supply centered around food and drink as a large meal or banquet associated with religious celebrations or holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. A festival, on the other hand, is a celebration or event that is usually held in both indoor and outdoor settings over a period of several days. A fiesta is a festival or religious holiday, especially a saint’s day celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries.

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College fests provide opportunities for students to interact with their peers and form new connections. 

A village fête is in the park dotted with oak trees,in which stalls are run by stout matrons wearing hats and flowered dresses, trestle tables are piled with homemade jam and cakes.

Feasts have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times.

The film festival showcased the latest independent films.

Centuries of Spanish occupation have made the Philippines well known of the fiestas.

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A shindig is commonly used in conversation as a gathering of five to twenty goers involved in drugs and alcohol; a jamboree is a large celebration in lavish and boisterous way featuring music, dancing, and refreshments; typically held outdoors. In a festival parade, procession even travelling funfair or circus, of which some of the world’s most famous carnivals are held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, New Orleans, USA, and Venice, Italy can appear as a lively and noisy enjoyment of a carnival.

The event in which people compete for entertainment and a prize is gala. Clambake is used to man the social occasion in which a large meal, meeting or conference, special entertainment or performance is held by a majority of political members, particular experts, females or professionals. In this case it can make a striking event accompanied by feasting, dancing and sports of all kinds as kermis.

The platform Midjourney uses advanced machine learning algorithms

Machine learning makes E-mc2 minced meat

The dress code for this gala is gilded glamour.

Please tell me how we got going with this crazy idea of doing a clam bake without a beach.

Kermis was a part of Belgian history, in which Belgians attended mass to thank God for the bountiful harvest followed by a three-day celebration of dancing and feasting.

You can have shindig outside in the summertime that looks lively with lots of instruments and people dancing. 

The epic quadrennial event has been the largest World Scout Jamboree since 1920.

Carnival is truly a spectacle recognized by its vibrantly colored floats and costumes, massive parades, and an abundance of food, music, and festivities.

Machine learning makes E-mc2 minced meat


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