Regarding information we have to be alert that misinformation differs from disinformation. When untentionally providing wrong information, we cause misinformation; but on purpose providing inaccurate information is called disinformation. It can be of the similar meaning to the term black propaganda or brainwashing. Internet has become too easy for disinformation. No gatekeepers can check if someone is telling a barefaced lie, exaggerating an incident, neglecting the key data for a truth, omitting important news, downplaying the significance of an event, saying something in an ambiguous way. Online world is too hard to ascertain a truth.

Forum posters can be paid or infiltrated by a secret agent. These smart internet bloggers can be also called shills. Some are ready or willing to sell out humanity for this purpose. They mostly distract the truth or prevent public outcry. They are actually internet trolls employed by any marketeer or profiteer in a certain area in life. They are even hired by secret agency involving political campaigns because disinformation has been used throughout the history for political tactics or stragegy.

They are the experts in psychcological warfare. They hide away their plots-discredit, distract, intimidate, frustrate, divide and conquer. Their professional skill is creating controversial debate by using the “Trojan Horse” to elicit an emotional response from people online. They likely get used to twisting words in making them liable to protest by use of semantics. Devil’s advocate way is used to help them join in the movement, then ignore it by demanding proof to render any data invalid. They pretend to relentlessly keep commenting on a thread to dominate the discussion. They often post the same articles over and over in different websites. They try to create biases to dissuade people from objectively examining any evidence. Once the lie is exposed, they quietly retract these stories. They can be crooked journalists derailing the truth by glossing it over without any piece of item truth. They are smart at over-reporting on a subject having nothing to to with the issue.

Their favorite trick is mixing disinfo with real information. This is the hardest technique to be neutralized. These covert agents often utilize the tactics of injecting false material onto the internet and using social techniques to manipulate online discourse to obtain their desirable outcomes. They use the top secret data to leak the disinformation as it is taken with the 4D’s- deny, disrupt, degrade and deceive. This way is used to sow dissension by writing a blog purporting to be one of the relevant activist or victim. They at any costs make the debate or issue become the real cyberworld. So far, they have gone beyond any roster of spycraft by making hostile nations, leaders, military agencies and intelligence services even common people get involved in cyber offensives without any clear borders.


  1. Discredit, dishonor, disgrace, degrade, defame, demean, debase
  1. Cause loss of reputation. They have used this blogspot to discredit their well-known opponents.
  2. Cause loss of honor. His arrest has dishonored his family.
  3. Cause loss of other’s respect. His scandal has disgraced his family.
  4. Lower the quality. This land has been degraded due to overgrazing.
  5. Lower the dignity by words. The newspaper editorial has defamed this politician.
  6. Lower the dignity by act. Accepting bribe has demeaned himself.
  7. Lower the rank. Doing manual labor hasn’t debased him as they thought.
  1. Tarnish, stain, blemish, smudge, smear, splotch
  1. Lower the purity. Corruption has tarnished too many politicians.
  2. Lower the repute with moral wrongdoing. Breaking words has stained the mayor’s reputation.
  3. Lower the perfect image with a flaw. Late report has blemished the best manager in the company.
  4. Lower the appearance by rubbing. Carefully does she dabs her eyes not to smudge her makeup.
  5. Lower the repute with false accusation. False accusation aimed at smearing his opponent in the race to the city mayor.
  6. Lower the repute by exposure. A good resume is spoltched with faultily structured context.
  1. Distract, divert, avert, deflect
  1. Draw away attention. They distracted audience with a caricature concentrated on false target.
  2. Draw away from a path. To irrigate the farming land they made a scheme to divert this river.
  3. Draw away from bad incident. They skillfully turned sharply to avert an accident.
  4. Draw away from intended purpose. He had to deflect conversation as it was ready to meet criticism.
  1. Deter, dissuade, discourage
  1. Prevent the occurrence in instilling doubt or fear. Health problem could deter him from seeking re-election.
  2. Prevent the occurrence with advice. She has attempted to dissuade him from pursuing estate deals.
  3. Prevent the occurrence in causing difficulty. Demonstration was planned to discourage the congressmen from approving the bill.
  1. Intimidate, threaten, frighten, scare, menace, bully, terrify, terrorize
  1. Make timid. Police has intimidated him into siging the false statement.
  2. Declare to inflict injury. The robber threatened the bankclerg with a handgun.
  3. Make fearful. The strange noise frightened the boy to cower in the corner.
  4. Make nervous. They used rapid questions to scare her into blurting out the truth.
  5. Make hostile. Driving carelessly menaced public safety.
  6. Make fearful to do something as demanded. The boy bullied his friend not to tell the truth.
  7. Make extremely fearful. Nightmare usually terrifies her.
  8. Constantly make extremely fearful. Someone has used messages to terrify her into not making any allegation on curruption.
  1. Frustrate, upset, disturb, annoy, bother, perturb
  1. Prevent from progressing. His attempt to frustrate the merger was revealed in this article.
  2. Prevent from feeling unpleasant. The food not meeting his taste has upset his stomach.
  3. Prevent from feeling safe. He was disturbed in reading the report.
  4. Prevent from keeping calm. He is annoying her by asking about her relationship in the office.
  5. Prevent from being balanced. His baby bothered him for candy.
  6. Prevent from being settled. Most of them were perturbed by her capricious behavior.

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