The best way to survive in real estate is joining the fight before being a battered victim. Otherwise, it’s another way that quickly shifting capital out of the dilemma into the rising trend. In all there must be once the last resort that insider’s estate hidden news concealed inside the superb power of the elite would arise from their financial plot. This plot runs out when real estate dies. So, real estate lives off population boomerang! It’s the fight lasting forerver by the side of the elite’s secret plan.



Le Hoang Chau, the chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association has said the trend of selling stalled property projects to new investors will strongly help reviving the market this year. In a recent review meeting Chau told that there had been around 1,400 projects in HCM City of which almost half have been suspended and offering more acquisition opportunities. He speculated the new amended Law on Real Estate Business taking effect in early July would likely facilitate this revival.

Last year many stalled housing projects changed hands or saw investors buy stakes. “Novaland [for instance] acquired several projects in HCM City including the Lexington, Galaxi 9, Icon 59, Tressor, and Rivergate,” Chau said. Hung Thinh bought out projects such as Thien Nam, 12View, and Thoi An while Dat Xanh acquired CT 15, Riverside Garden, and Green City.

Foreign companies were also part of the trend. Japan’s Creed Group has invested several projects by Nam Bay Bay Investment JSC, buying out City Gate Towers and picking up 50 per cent stakes in two other projects — NBB Garden II and III.

Asked about the city housing market, Chau said while it isn’t yet being out of the woods it is on the path to recovery. He said apartments of 70sq.m or less priced at around VN$15 million per square metre (US$700) would see stable demand and growth, and high-end properties in good locations and with reasonable prices built by prestigious developers would also have takers.

The amended housing and real estate laws that will take effect in July will facilitate market activities including by foreigners, who can buy units in commercial housing projects. The Law on Housing stipulates that total ownership by foreigners should not exceed 250 individual houses in a ward or 30 per cent of condominiums in case of an apartment block. Chau said the Government should have separate policies for areas with high density of foreigners like Ha Noi, HCM City, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai.


As a small separate and partioned-off area “stall” has many synonyms.

Stand, cubicle, closet, booth, compartment, cupboard, wardrobe, cabinet, dresser, cubbyhole, sideboard, storeroom, stockroom, storehouse, warehouse, depot, dopository, repository, reservoir, cache, hoard, stockpile, pool, puddle, lake, lagoon, tarn

When being consicely used, these synonyms can be discriminated in their shades of meaning contexted in the various expressions as follows.

Book holder stand, shower cubicle, barbie closet, photo booth, clothes compartment, kitchen cupboard, dolls wardrobe, wine cabinet, antique oak dresser, cubbyhole house, living room sideboard, harvest storeroom, laboratory stockroom, motorcycle storehouse, engine parts warehouse, ammunition depot, book depository, document repository, coulant reservoir, library cache lock, secret hoard, food stockpile, swimming pool, water puddle, resorts lake, seaside lagoon, river tarn

In case of being denoted as a verb saying about a  stop to progress due to a certain resason it has these synonyms.

Delay, defer, adjourn, suspend, postpone, shelve, procrastinate, stall

Delay delivery, defer decision, adjourn annual meeting, suspend driver’s license, postpone period for a week, shelve the idea, procrastinate the inevitable, stall the process

As a verb it can be also used in place of some phrasal verbs such as:

Hold over, hold off, put off, put back, set aside, ward off, fend off

Hold over time, hold off the meeting, put off till tomorrow, set aside the verdict, ward off the flu, fend off negative thoughts

Even as discerned to be an idiom as:

Put on hold, put on ice, put on one side, put on the back burner, give a rain check, hang fire

Put phone contract on hold, put someone on ice, put it all on one side, tired of being put on the back burner, give someone or something a rain check, hang fire on something



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